Writing Poems or Songs To Express Your Feelings!!!

For me, writing poems or songs to express your feelings is so important. It really makes you feel better and allows you to better understand the issue you are having or feeling. Maybe it’s about dealing with something difficult in your life, or a new love you may have found. Whatever the reason, I’m sure your feelings can flourish on paper. You can sing what you are feeling to the walls or you can even just read it aloud to yourself. It makes a huge difference and may even leave you laughing or feeling better (if you were angry or sad) at the end.


1. When you’re angry


Sometimes you are angry about something, it happens! We are all humans and at times, instead of taking it out on someone, it’s better to sit down in your favorite spot, and write. Whether you’re writing outside or indoors, you’ll be allowed to let out steam through a pen or pencil. After you are finished,m you can archive it, burn it and toss it under water, or ball it up! I love to write poems when I’m angry. It really helps me to reach deep down and console myself. At times, it even turns out to be a pretty good song too!

2.When you’re happy

I love to be happy, I try my best every day to be the happiest I can. But I’m not perfect, and some days just plain suck sometimes. I write happy poems or songs all the time. Writing about positive things is sure to enlighten your inner being and will therefore make you have a better day. Pick up a pencil and write some happy thoughts, maybe even a funny or embarrassing story that happened to you.

3.When you’re sad


There’s nothing sadder than a haunting melody. I have many songs of love gone wrong or where I’ve been a complete joke to someone who I thought liked me. But writing these songs helped free me of the hold each of those people had on me, and now, haha, they are history. Writing sad songs can really help you to reflect and move on from the heart ache. Give your heart a break.

 4. When you’re in love♥


Has cupid struck your heart? Writing poems or songs when your in love has to be one of the most greatest feelings I’ve experienced in my music. I have written many love songs when I thought I knew what love was, but nothing strikes my heart like my song Soul Mate♥. I forgot to mention to you that on top of blogging, I write my own songs and play the piano :).


To wrap it up…

Writing poems or songs to express your feelings is a wonderful way to express yourself. Whether you’re angry, happy, sad, or in love, any reason or motive you have to write, pour those feelings out! I personally love to write songs, it’s a passion of mine I’ve had since I was a little girl. It really helps me to express myself and my feelings. You learn valuable life lessons through your poems, and it helps you to grow and change in a positive way. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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