Tips for New Naturals!


Congratulations!! You decided to go natural and you’re so overwhelmed (I still am) of the number of products there are for your natural kinks. Don’t panic, Linda’s here to give some tips for new naturals!

1. Natural Hair, Natural products!


Don’t stick to your old relaxer hair products, unless they work for your Natural hair! If you are used to a certain shampoo, but realize it’s not doing it for your natural hair, drop it and get something else. I love extra virgin olive oil because it really hydrates my hair.

2. Taming those edges!


There is a wonderful gel that I’ve been using since I began transitioning in 2013, the eco styler gel! I never had anything work this well for my hair. My edges get so sleek, that my hair appears relaxed at the roots!

3. Watch tons of helpful YouTube videos

Follow someone who you share the same hair type with. Someone who knows how to manage your type of hair and can teach you tips and tricks! Classcie (the woman in the video)’s hair has a striking resemblance to mine! Her videos are very informative, short and fun!

4. Put the scrunchies away




Let’s cut to the chase, my hair just reached armpit length (the back part of my hair), and I still don’t tie my hair with a scrunchies. Scrunchies break your hair, and you know you don’t need that you know this!!! I take the 2 dollar thin black headbands, and break it. Works like a charm and keeps a nice bun or updo in place all week:)!

5. Forget about length for now!


No, you will not have long hair down your back in a month! That kind of growth for most people takes years! Focus on caring for your hair and worry about length later. I was obsessed with checking my length last year, until I stopped. I have a length check every three months myself.



To wrap it up…


You are brave to be going natural, it’s not as easy as it looks, but it’s not so difficult when you just have fun with it and enjoy the journey. I hope my tips for new naturals blog helped. However, as you already know, if you have any questions or comments, ask Linda or comment below, thank you!

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