Miss Some of My Posts? Here’s a Recap!


Hey Ladies, I try to post as often as possible just as you all probably check my blog as often as possible so today I’m writing a special recap to catch you up on all the exciting natural hair and transitioning blog posts that you might have missed from 2013! :) For those of you who are new here my name is Linda De La Cruz and I started transitioning about 1 year ago when I got tired of “RELAXING” and I’m sure there are a few of you out there who know how that feels. :/ My blog is all about my journey transitioning to natural hair as well as parenting, beauty, hair style, hair care and just about anything else that’s on my mind. Although this blog is pretty much a journal of what I go through daily, I hope that my experiences can be of help to any of you ladies about to embark on the same situations that I have been through in life and of course, “Transitioning To Natural Hair”. So Lets Get Down To Business :)


                                                                                                                                  1.  My top 5 Transitioning Hairstyles


In this blog post I mention my top 5 transitioning hair styles I was doing at the time. It really helped a lot to blend in the relaxed hair and natural hair. I used the Bantu knot outs, Styling up do, Flat Twist Out, two flat twist out in front with bun (a signature look I wore for a while), and three braided cornrows with ponytail (another favorite). These were easy and fun to do, I loved them!


2.  Transitioning to Natural, Linda’s Hair Update!


In my hair update, I talk about how much of a difference I’ve noticed in hair growth and the two textures of hair! I mention how limp, dead and dry my ends look. I show an update of my transitioning hair and how much growth I’ve achieved. I also show pictures of my relaxer day AHHHH! lol. Sick and tired of that forever shoulder length hair when it was relaxed. I also update my secret for fast hair dye remover, my onion shampoo potion. Crazy how that simple homemade onion potion can wipe out most hair dye colors back to your natural hair color. Who said it’d be easy transitioning to natural, no one that’s who!

  3. How to Manage Transitioning Hair

Transitioning To Natural

Transitioning To Natural

Here I speak of how I managed my transitioning hair without damaging it and how I kept it primp and healthy. How it’s important to never comb dry hair if it’s tangled to avoid pulling and stressing your hair out. To quit messing with it everyday and the importance of protective styles to give yourself a 3-4 day length period between messing with it. The wonders of eco styler gel that changed my hair styling life forever. The power of a good brush, mainly a bristle brush when used gently, and how handy headbands and bobby pins can be!


4. Transitioning To Natural Hair – What I Didn’t Know

Transitioning To Natural Hair

Transitioning To Natural Hair

This is the icing on the cake, what I didn’t know about transitioning to natural hair. The worries of what my hair type would be and look like. The story of how my relaxed hair came to be, super important if you want to get to know me more. How I explained I had no clue what the big chop meant and how much it scared me lol. The different acronyms for hairs like for example TWA which means teeny weeny afro.  The line of demarcation which is where the relaxed and natural hair meet, the most important and delicate part that can easily be broken.I stress about the miracles of natural products and also how much transitioning to natural would change me basically forever!


5.  Linda’s Mini Chop on Transitioning Hair!


And it all comes down to the cake, my mini chop! I answer the famous question, “Why don’t I just do the “big chop”? I explain the reasoning behind my transitioning to where it all makes sense and comes together. I provide pictures (of course) of the entire process as well as little details to how much hair I snipped off to my reaction when I began to see my true natural hair in the back! I express how although it may not seem like a lot of hair to everyone, to me it was a good 3-4 inches and a whole lot lol.   Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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