Idiots on the Road

You know what I hate the most? Idiots on the road. It’s like, “Hey man, move out of my freaking way!” I’ve never been one to have road rage at all. But if you’re going to be on the road, at least have the decency to know how to drive lol. I know that there are life situations that can make for some odd driving. But if it’s not a life emergency situation like the ones below, knock it off! Things that irk me are quite simple, the list goes on:

1. Slow poke


If you’re going to be living slow in front of me, news flash, beat it! Now if it’s a safe zone like 25 mph, I completely respect that. But don’t give me the whole 25mph on a 50mph zone!-_- And believe you me, I am a safe driver.

2. Busy Bee


Nothing worse than the busy bee. If the light is red, don’t honk the freaking horn at me to go just because you’re late to work! Take your time in the morning or maybe set an extra alarm. YOU run the red light and get that nice fat ticket, because I don’t plan on it, seriously.

3. Makeup Artists


Ok, I get that you have to put on some lip gloss at a red light and that’s fine. But I’ve been at a red light, glanced to my left and saw this lady applying fake eyelashes, at a red light…lol!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I laughed so hard but kept it moving. The funniest part was when the light turned green, she set her stuff down and sped off!!!


To wrap it up…

These are just a few of the Idiots on the road who really grind my gears. Do you have any idiots on the road stories? Please feel free to share to Linda in the comment box! Thank you! And happy driving lol!

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