I Hate One Word Texts!

I Hate One Word Texts

I Hate One Word Texts

When things get personal, and you just want to say whats on your mind but decide to text it, there can be a misunderstanding behind what you text. These have happened to me before, in the past. Thought it’d be  fun to share the things that set me off. I’m sure this has happened to both men and women, if it hasn’t, you’re lucky.  I Hate One Word Texts,  here are the reasons why!

1. Cool

“What do you think of my outfit today?” You’ll most likely get a, “cool”, instead of the full paragraph you were expecting. Guys don’t like to text a lot, it’s just not there thing. In person or talking on the phone would be different, but texting it, you most likely wont get a full response.  I’m pretty sure he forgot what he had for lunch yesterday, so he probably won’t remember what you wore that day for school haha.

2. Ok

When I write 2 to 3 texts in full and I get an Ok, that grinds my gears! Unless the person is busy and has only time to put Ok I’ll accept it. But not if you’re sitting at home doing nothing, you text me Ok, and that’s worse than texting me WOW which I HATE!

3. ?WOW

If I don’t respond to you right away and you text me question mark and the WOW… that’s asking for me to blow up on you in cap locks. Give me an hour or two to answer. Don’t text this because it just really offsets me. Especially if I was in the middle of writing you back a text to read a question mark ? and a WOW just for not answering you after 1 minute? Seriously??!-_-

4. Yeah

Yeah what, yeah huh, yeah who? What the heck is the point of that. Now, things are different if I know you and you text me yeah. But if a girl pours her heart out in texts(which we should stop doing) a yeah is like a punch in the gut. It’s like, yeah, ok, i’m busy, that’s how we see it.

5. Huh?

What the heck am I speaking a foreign language to you?!? Did you even get my message? Grrrr it’s like what are you supposed to do about that. Then the famous, “What do you mean what?” comes in to the equation and then they explain themselves. Sometimes I honestly believe talking in person or by phone is better, honestly.


I Hate One Word Texts


To wrap it up…

At times I just want to grab a cord and wrap it around someones neck when I get these texts. They bother me and I’d prefer at least three words or more to count as a real answer. Everyone that knows me knows I hate the word “WOW”. It just makes me feel like I’m being called slow, I hate it lol. I love texting but honestly, if you were to ever text me, make sure that you don’t use any of these because I Hate One Word Texts.

Do you have any rants about texting? Share below! ~Linda :)

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