6 Fruits You Are Eating Wrong!


Hello everyone! Raise your hands fruits lovers, guess what? What if I told you that you could possibly be cutting up your favorite fruits completely wrong and that there was a simpler way, would you believe it?! Oh believe it because below are 6 fruits you are eating wrong along with a video showing the right way!




I love Kiwi but hated cutting it. After I discovered the video above, I now enjoy Kiwi more often.


Nooooot really my piece of cake, but for you pomegranate lovers, here’s your solution!


My favorite Island fruit, very popular fruit consumed the most in my country the Dominican Republic. It is so delicious and just the treat for a summer day. THIS one I knew how to cut already obviously lol.


This one really made me want to smack myself on the head really hard (but I didn’t). For years I’ve been eating an orange either split in half, carved horrifically with a knife, and other ways that are just too embarrassing for me to write about (another story)! This one really helped.


I love strawberries and so does my family! By simply shoving the straw through, it makes even the kids want to participate in poking holes through strawberries.


I have a friend who loves watermelon!  She’d get a kick out of this video! Check out how simple cutting watermelon and pretty much any melon can be now.


To wrap it up…

Have any of these in your fridge right now? Give one of these try, it’ll make fruit salad days so much easier! I’m getting hungry and seriously am considering heading to the store, but it’s going to rain so no fruit for now lol. Please feel free to comment and a special thank you to the buzzfeedblue on Youtube for making this video follow them, true fruit life savers!

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