5 Ways to Gain Confidence Today!


Are you tired of beating yourself up on the regular? I may be able to help you with my mini list below of 5 ways to gain confidence today. If you are truly looking to make changes about yourself, then you must get down to the root of the problem. The first one on the list is definitely a give away for many of us including myself.

1. Stop trying to be perfect

When we are constantly seeking perfection, we lose track of who we really are. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What is it that you are trying to change about yourself? Ask yourself, is it going to better my health, or is it just a beauty statement? Think on that question and tell me what you think.

2. Challenge yourself

I challenge myself everyday by following this quote everyday, ” Do what you fear the most ~Ralph Smart,” which is driving. I was the type of person that swore to stay away from vehicles and the road. Now look at me! Driving everywhere with no problem! No one could believe that I am driving due to the way I would talk about never doing it. Challenge yourself and you will see some changes. But only you can push yourself to succeed.

3. Let go of your expectations, stop being so hard on yourself

How high are your expectations of yourself? Maybe you’re being too hard on yourself. I know because I’m going through this right now. Whenever I don’t accomplish something or take a chance, I feel really down and low. So what I started doing (still in process) was to let go off certain expectations of myself. Being realistic is the best way to let go of your expectations.

4. Stop caring about what other’s think of you

Like my father always told me, “What other people think of you, is not your concern.” Such a simple phrase holds such a deep meaning. The moment you stop caring about what other people think of you, is the moment you begin to be free. At the end of the day, do you really want to live your whole life not be yourself?

5. Quit over analyzing and over thinking things

Think about it, really think about it. Now STOP. Was it worth it to stress your brain over something that was not complex at all? I still continue this nasty habit and it really decreases my confidence level. Thinking too much and over analyzing only creates tension within yourself, and without realizing it, you release it to everyone around you. Take a step back, breath and relaaaax.


To wrap it up…

I hope that many of you can relate to my list and along with me, start changing these things about yourself today. Remember that bad talking yourself, is never the answer if you want to build confidence. I understand change can’t happen overnight, but you have to start somewhere, and the change begins, within yourself. Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below thank you!! :)

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