5 Hilarious Memes for Those bad Days


Life isn’t always smooth sailing, and there are days where even I wake up and just feel bad! On those particular days I try to lift my spirits up by prayer, meditation and looking up hilarious quotes to get me in a good mood. I found these 5 hilarious memes for those bad days to be particularly funny; just what you may have been looking for, enjoy!


Think Positive!

14 - 1 (1)

For those days where nothing seems to be going right or clumsy accidents occur, this one’s is for you. I nearly tripped down the stairs in my house and saw this and definitely brightened me up lol.


Polar bears can’t read!


This next one I just couldn’t pass up…Awww come on, it’s funny! Yes I hope the polar bear is ok first, but the quote and the picture nailed it had me laughing!



This one was too cute and funny! When your kids find out where babies come from, they may very well have this same expression and comment to say!

McDonald’s: Try our new crap!


Hahaha!!! If that doesn’t bring a crowd over to try out new crap I don’t know what will!! XD


I’m Yours♥


This one made me smile because it’s how I feel in my boyfriends arms, it’s just how funny how someone drew it on their fingers, love it!


Kid throwing a tantrum? It could be worse lol…

08292-funny-memes-03Well you know how the saying goes, you don’t get your kid what they want and they blow up the house. Yep. Sounds about right. XD!!

To wrap it up..

I hope I lifted some spirits out there today, here’s an extra bonus one just for you!!

0827f6c119d1bf4b6ef407cd0e082c28You know if you’re a nurse working the late shift, this will get you laughing lol. Which one was your favorite? I tricked you with the title there were 7 hilarious memes lol! Feel free to comment Linda below and remember, when life gets you down, just look at these!:)

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