4 Incredibly Easy Steps to Build Self-Confidence


Hello everyone! I have something to confess to all of you. Confidence is something I lacked long ago. It was hard, and at times, it wants to creeps up on me, so I fight it back with these 4 incredibly easy steps to build self-confidence!

1. When you walk into a room, own it!

Don’t look down when you walk into a room! Looking down equal’s un-confident, fear, antisocial, in other words, don’t be any of those! I swear to you that if you lift your head up to look at everything and everyone smiling and walking straight ahead, you’ll be fine! People have turned their heads to look at me smiling and I smile right back and even wave! It is super easy, just pretend you are the queen’s daughter or king’s son, walk up and own the place. Think of it this way, everyone is a total stranger and you may never see them again, what do you care what they think? Shake it off like my girl Taylor Swift lol. I walk into a place laughing and singing turning heads and getting compliments, I love the crowds now! Being natural really brought out the inner confidence that was hiding in me.

2. Make conversations with complete strangers!

I go to the supermarket and Walmart quite frequently. As a kid, social interaction frightened  the living day lights out of me! It was scary to see all eyes on me and everyone waiting for my answer. Now, it’s much different. There can be 20-30 people around me and I confidently smile, nod and answer, it’s really easy! Just think of something funny that happened to you recently and you will see how easy it is to socialize. Put this in your head, no one is against you, no one’s going to eat you lol, and you’ll do great.

3. Force yourself to go to big social gatherings with friends

I used to be the kind of person that really disliked social gatherings immensely. In a way, I still kind of do, but not to that extent anymore. When I go to big social gatherings with my boyfriend, I just smile, go up to people and start complimenting them on things I really like about them, and BAM, instant conversation.

4. Start recording yourself talking on film, study and change the bad habits

It’s amazing the things you do and never notice! There are so many bad habits that I had, for example: I looked down, A LOT, when I filmed myself. I also looked away from the camera many times, barely making eye contact, no bueno (not good). As soon as I saw this, I instantly knew that I had to stop doing such ridiculous things, and slowly (3-5 weeks) I did. I look at videos I film now compared to 2 years ago, and I’m shocked at the change (good shocked)! I now look at the camera, I’m myself, I’m happy!

To wrap it up…

Be yourself and you will shine, I mean that! I am the silliest, funniest, goofball ever (to my fam, boyfriend, and friends). I just love smiling and being happy, it’s who I’ve always been! I just never let her (the shy me) shine and see the light, till now. Socializing may be scary, but it gets easy over time. After all, there are like a trillion humans on the earth right, try meeting at least 1 of them lol. You never know that if just by socializing with a random stranger, you may find your future spouse if you’ve been searching for a soulmate! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, don’t be shy, come on!:)

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