2 week Healthy Weight Gain Challenge!


Yes, I know what you are going to say? Why don’t you just stay skinny you look so good like that! You had two kids and you look like that!? I get that everywhere I go! Yes, I look thin like a stick and I’m sick of it! I’m 24 years old you would think I’d fill out after two kids, yet, I’m still stuck in the size 0’s and having a lot of trouble eating lately. I’ve been losing weight and not fitting into my jeans or anything!!:(I decided to challenge myself and regain my weight back and some! I know I can do it along with my special prescription (read about it below) hopefully making this 2 week healthy weight gain challenge a piece of cake, yum!


When I saw Selena Gomez go from thin to voluptuous I just knew there had to be a way to look as good as her too! Girls got it going ON right now! Selena appears to feel very confident with her new curves and I’m hoping she does because she looks amazing!

Nothing was wrong with her being skinny so please do not get offended Selena fans!:)






The Issue With me: Weight Gain, poor eating habits

This is something I struggle with every day since the day I was born, weight gain. 2,500 calories a day? That’s freaking impossible!!! Lol Instead of thinking about it, I just eat and don’t count calories anymore. I was barely making the 400 calorie mark most days, life gets stressful with kids, especially with a baby who has more needs than other babies. I have struggled with weight gain all my life and have decided I need to start feeling happier about my body. My sons also struggle with weight gain, it runs in their blood! My hubby has no problem with how I look now and always calls me sexy and beautiful but I just want to be happy with the way I look, and right now well, I’m looking like the corpses bride (my collar bones really popping out) hahahahaha!!



This is about all I can fit, dresses! (this ones cute though, thanks sissy!!)

150609112221 150609112400

I’m too active for my own good (walking constantly, not as much eating)!!! So….

I went to the doctor and they prescribed me a medicine for appetite and boy it’s working! The medicine I was re-prescribed is called cyproheptadine 4mg tablet, it worked in the past after my first born turned 1 and went from twig to healthy twig lol!

What I’m hoping to gain from this challenge is a healthier body while gaining confidence, also I miss my jeans!!!

Foods I’ll be chowing on and tips that will help get me there:

Bread and peanut butter

Bread and Butter







Sharpe Cheddar Cheese

Any Cheese


Ensures (for extra calorie boost)

Sweet potatoes


To wrap it up…

These are the majority of things I will be eating to help me reach my ten-13 extra pounds goal. I will check back with pictures and more within 2 weeks to let you know the results of my challenge! Any questions or comments, tell Linda below, thank you!

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