My Big Chop Story Featuring Magnolia!

My Big Chop Story

My Big Chop Story

I have very special guest blog featuring: Magnolia’s big chop story! My sister!!! She wrote to me about her big chop and wanted to feature it with pictures for my blog!! How awesome is she??! She wanted to share her story with me and all of you to see how her journey to natural started with a big chop! Below are pictures and in her own words, why she did it, thank you and enjoy!
Guest: Magnolia
Hello to all! thank you Linda for letting me be your guest blogger lol, if we could inspire people to be happy with themselves, then It will be a great accomplishment!
All my life I was thought that having hair soft and dead was what society sees as beautiful.
Now I see this is a wrong perception in the views of women like me. All my life I had to do relaxers
“the creamy crack” in order to achieve this “look”. My mother always told me that the beauty of a woman comes from the outside first then inside. Beauty is skin deep, its how you present the yourself to the world. After watching many YouTube videos on how women found the courage to be themselves, removing the weave, the relaxer and just being naturally beautiful.
I did the big chop on January 22nd, 2014.
When the beautician was finished and I was able to look at myself, to be quite honest I was shocked. I almost cried, but then something hit me,  and I told myself you are beautiful no matter what! It’s all in the attitude on which I show to the world.  I was proud! I have a teeny weeny afro and I was proud. Hair doesn’t define who I am. I started looking on YouTube and saw videos of inspirational  sisters that had gone through the journey that I was currently taking, and I felt empowered as if I could conquer the world.
After the big chop I have come to embrace my natural hair and in the process I learned more about me as a person. One lesson that I have learned is that accessories make you feel even more beautiful as ever, its about expressing yourself with little trinkets that tells the world “watch out, here I come”. One should live for themselves instead of being worried about how other people would accept their change. I am glad that I did the big chop because I know that hair doesn’t define the type of person I am. My sister gave me the courage, love and support I needed to help me through it and I thank her for that.
Being Natural means more to me than just cutting your hair, it means being true to yourself. I still wear weave don’t get me wrong sometimes I miss a little length, but once I take it off I am also proud to rock my teeny weeny afro. I rock my TWA everywhere I go and compliments from people or not I know I look amazing, because I feel amazing!
So ladies embrace the way you are, and just be happy. Like RuPaul says “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Thank you ThinkLikeLinda for allowing me to share my story with the world, I look forward to showing how my hair is growing but most importantly how I am growing along with it.
Embrace the Natural You Always,


There you have it everyone! Thank you Magnolia for being my guest blogger!!! It’s great having you on here, you are a true inspiration and your story will touch many hearts who read this.

I am happy she chose to go natural, she looks amazing!! Any questions or comments for Magnolia or Linda, ask below thank you!:D

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  • Mblessed7

    Very inspirational to going natural… thanks Linda for the guest having this posted.

    • Linda De La Cruz

      It truly is inspirational, and you’re welcome! We will be hearing more from her in future blog posts, I’m glad she shared her story:)