Natural Celebrities: The Great and Late Bob Marley, Reggae King!


I am a huge Bob Marley fan, that should be no mystery to those who know me well! I am actually a Marley myself, from my first name, Marlenny! I am here today to honor this legend, the reggae king! His songs have wonderful messages and the positive vibes his music sends out really influences me. Give mainstream music a break and wake up with the king and his kids! Here I am honoring natural celebrities: the great and late bob Marley, reggae king!


His Locks! Gotta admire the dreadlocks!




He loved football and was very good at it! (or as we know it here, soccer)


Bob Marley in Brazil playing football


His legendary music and quotes lives on in our hearts everyday!


His quotes!

“You have to be someone.” Short but true! You have to be someone in life, someone positive.

I also liked this one, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Beautiful!

His last words to his son Ziggy Marley (who I listen to everyday!) were, “Money Can’t buy Life”

This last one haunts me but in a good way. Money doesn’t buy life, maybe temporary happiness, but not life.


Below is the video, here are near 2 hours of some amazing songs from the legend including my favorites:

*Is this love

*I Shot the Sheriff

*Buffalo Soldier

*Three Little Birds

*Stir it up

*One Love

I can go on and on and on man I love his music he was a wonderful musician and I’m so grateful that I even get to listen to such a legend! If I would’ve been able to meet him, we would’ve definitely made a song together!


 Special thanks to John Krew for the video upload, it’s phenomenal!

He populated many offspring, 10 and adopted 1! That’s a total of 11 kids; there are many Marley’s lol! Many of them are talented known musicians today like Ziggy (David) and Damien Marley for example. I listen to them every day too!

Marley brothers

Marley brothers


To wrap it up…

Just because he is not with us in flesh does not mean he is not with us in spirit! His children are all wonderful and each of them carry on his legacy. Bob Marley continues to shine light in our life through his music every day. He is immortal and will be with us spiritually forever! What is your favorite song of Bob Marley? Comment below to Linda aka Marley, thank you!!

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