Hot Celebrities With Natural Hair!


Let’s face it… there are many sites out there talking about celebrities who rock their natural, but most of those celebrities are constantly protecting their natural hair with wigs, we wanna see the natural side too! I’m always scoping the net for the true natural celebrities that let their beauty shine.

I love my natural hair, and it’s nice to see that in Hollywood, so do these ladies. Check out my must see list of hot celebrities with natural hair!


Lupita Nyong’o


This gorgeous Mexican-Kenyan beauty is an amazing actress and film director! Not only does she win Grammies, but  lights up the red carpet with a beautiful hairstyle, gorgeous smile and, oh my gosh, the breath taking dress entirely made of pearls!


Solange Knowles


Solange Knowles knows her hair and knows her styles for sure! Also like her sister Beyonce, Solange loves music and performing too! I love how her hair goes with the gown, absolutely beautiful!


Esperanza Spalding



Grammy award winning jazz musician Esperanza stuns everyone with her amazing talent and fro! Not only does she play a mean bass and sing, but this beauty rocks her natural hair proudly and that is just wonderful! You go Esperanza!


Tracee Ellis Ross


Or as we known her, Jone from Girlfriends, is always rocking her natural locks, I love her style! She even has a very cool and informative website about hair, beauty, well-being, styles and more check it out!


 To wrap it up…

Let your natural shine! These ladies above definitely know how to do just that. I love letting my hair fro like Esperanza Spalding she’s beautiful! These naturals shine on the red carpet and are an inspiration to naturalistas everywhere on the true meaning of keeping it natural! Which one was your favorite? Mine was Esperanza and Lupita, I’d love your input, so comment below to Linda, thank you!

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