Top 5 Romeo Santos songs: Linda’s picks!


Welcome, welcome, Romeo Santos fans to the top 5 Romeo Santos songs: Linda’s picks, you are definitely in for a treat!! I love these songs and constantly listen to them, so addictive lol! His music is truly romantic and his lyrics and voice seem to have  a massive effect on young ladies everywhere. Not only just that, but his romantic music unites couples and creates a romantic bond that truly lasts till the end of time. No I’m not being over dramatic…his music is really really good lol! I’m actually putting the link to the regular Spanish lyrics that also features the translated lyrics (which aren’t 100% exactly the song translation, but at least 95% are the words, so you can get an idea) from Spanish to English under each video. Yes I love you that much to do that :D! Remember, these are just the songs of Romeo, not the one’s of him featuring another artist or being featured. I will do another post for that;)


1. Propuesta Indecente (Indecent Proposal)

Number one on my list for a reason! I love the entrance to this song!! Romeo woos the lady in the song telling her that basically, he doesn’t care who she came with tonight, that she looks good and he wants to enjoy a night with her fogging up his car!!! I love it! Check out the chorus to this raunchy hit in English:

And if I invite you to a drink
And I get close to your mouth, if I steal
One little kiss, don’t get angry at me (I corrected this, the site is off with this part)
What would you say if I seduced you in my car tonight?
Let the glasses fog and the rule is to enjoy
If I disrespect you, I don’t blame alcohol, if I pull up your skirt
Would you give me the consent
To measure your sensibility, put your body into play
If it seems prudent to you this indecent proposal

Makes you want to hear the whole song huh???:)

To see lyrics and translation, click here!

2. You (…You)

If you want to impress your girlfriend, dedicate this song to her. It is so romantic. you is all about her. He speaks of her being a 15 on a scale of one to ten! He also sings this:

There are no errors in your being
And like God makes no mistakes
I prefer you 100% naked

You are red wine, my favorite drink
Flowing through my body
Absorbed by my skin

And this night
Delaying excessively
Minutes turn into hours
Devouring you

Diablo (damn)!!! And the lyrics only get better! He speaks of her being his drug and how he is addicted to her sex, she must be a pretty important lady!! lol.

To see lyrics and translation, click here!


3. La Bella y la Bestia (The Beauty and the Beast) no…not Justin Bieber’s beauty and a beat, which I also love lol

Love has no eyes in this song! Romeo speaks of a woman that will die for him in this song. Often, love is not all about appearance, and many people forget that. This is an eye opener and truly romantic for those couples who love each other for who they really are. The lyrics start of with Romeo pointing out his flaws and how he is imperfect, yet, his woman doesn’t see that and loves him dearly:

Daddy’s here
I’m not beautiful
Look at my nose, small lips , and I’m overweight
Fancy clothes hiding my flaws but, her loving eyes does not see that


The music and everything is set so right in this song, I love it!

To see lyrics and translation, click here!

4.  Eres Mia (You are mine)

Coño!!! This one though!!!! Love it!

I know, I know, I’m saying the same thing about all of them…can you blame me!!! Once again Romeo returns in another song similar to indecent proposal, to take yet another mans woman… AGAIN haha! I’m not saying that’s correct, but the songs are dead on good! Lol. But this time, it is someone he knew in the past, instead of her being a stranger like the woman in indecent proposal. The song begins by him telling the woman her boyfriends lame lol:

They have already informed me that your boyfriend is a boring dull
you are so fire and cold
they say your girlfriend is jealous and don’t wanna be your friend
you’re suspicious that I’m a pirate and I steal your gold


To see lyrics and translation, click here!


5. Cancioncitas de Amor ( Love Songs)

I used to live this song on my single days. I hated love and cursed every soap opera, love song, and every couple out there for being so lucky, until I met my man♥. This song is truly beautiful and if many of you out there are single or just have no luck in love, you may want to turn this up. And if you don’t understand what he’s saying, just check out the translation:).

To see lyrics and translation, click here!


To wrap it up…

This is a list of Romeo Santos songs I personally like the most. I am not saying these are the GREATEST songs of Mr. Romeo Santos, so don’t get mad if one you like did not appear on this list lol.

If you have songs you love from Romeo, comment and tell Linda which songs and why! Thank you!

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