Nick Jonas Top 5 Songs From His New Solo Album!


You know who Nick Jonas is right? The Jonas Brothers!? If you watched Disney Channel growing up, I’m sure you know who he is. Here’s a flashback photo of this then curly cutie when he was in the Jonas Brothers! Check out Nick Jonas Top 5 Songs From His New Solo Album!



Being the youngest of the Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers


he’s breaking bad in a whole new way! His songs have an edge to them; they are very deep with such powerful  meaningful lyrics!


Here is the list of the top 5 pick along with videos!


1. Jealous

I repeat this song every day! It’s cute how his girlfriend (former Miss Universe) is in the video; they make such a cute couple and no wonder he’s so jealous lol! Apparently there’s a clean and unclean version of the song. I prefer the clean version, but both are just swell!


2. Chains

This is what Nick had to say when interviewed about the meaning of this song: “It’s a song that embodies the feeling of being trapped in a love that is hopeless; I think it’s a great new sound for me and a really good taste tester for this project.” Indeed it is!! This beautiful song sends chills up my spine when he sings these lyrics: “Gave you my heart but you took my souuuuul”.



Here are a few lyrics on this amazing hit! “Why you do me wrong? Why you do me wrong? Why you wear that dress, and my heart can’t take it anymore Why you do me wrong? Why you do me wrong? Why you act like this, it’s like your momma never told you how to love” If you want to get up and dance with your boyfriend, this is the song you need!


4. Numb

In this song he colabs with upcoming British rapper artist Angel Haze!  He sings of a girl who has stolen his heart and is leaving him numb with her love. Very beautiful and deep! “You were my sun, you were my earth, I was your best, and you were my worst” ouch, this must have been a difficult song to sing, but he pulled through and I’m proud of him for that!


5. Wilderness

Take your body back, take it back, take it back to the wilderness!! Oh oh my! Everything about this song is right, the beat, the lyrics, the voice (duh lol)! He even said during an interview, “I really try to be aware of the purpose of each song,” also saying that “There are songs on my record that I want people to have sex to…” ooooh! Well well, Nick Jonas is certainly not the curly haired cutie we knew from Disney, but instead he’s bloomed into a handsome young man who knows what he wants!

If you want his album, click below!

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