Positive Life Lessons


Welcome to  positive life lessons with Linda. It”s amazing what a journal can track! I’ve witnessed many things in life, therefore through my experiences as well, bringing you life lessons. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it for all of you!

1. Don’t hold yourself back

Who’s not letting you do those work outs you want? Or how about that dance class you always want to take but don’t? You are! No one is stopping you but yourself. I actually took this advice myself. I wanted a stretch mark reduced stomach, and I worked hard to get where I am today. The process began in December 2012. It’s about to be 2 years this December and they are near gone with my remedy.

2. Start a journal

I was never one to track my daily life, but there’s so many things you do that you don’t even notice! I saw a pattern in my journal of constant misunderstanding that saddened me. I misunderstood things a lot when all I should have done was START.

S = Stop, take a deep breath and…

T = Think, before you speak, don’t say something you’ll regret later…

A = Ask, if you misunderstood or misinterpreted something, ask, it’s easy and…

R = Realize, that yelling won’t solve anything, after you’ve realized that you can then…

T = Talk, and talk calmly, listen.

3. If you have nothing nice to say, ZIP IT.

I’m still working on this myself, but words can hurt terribly. Maybe you’re just feeling frustrated and you can’t find a way to transfer your feelings the right way. Try doing something you like to do, then try to talk.

4. Stay true to yourself

Don’t forget who you are and don’t change for anyone, unless it’s for your health.

5. Look at positive videos

My boyfriend showed me a video that is beginning to change the way I think. I love listening to these positive videos for 2 hours of my time or more. I just repeat them over and over while doing daily things and they really do make a difference. This young man has such a positive insight on everything, that it truly is contagious. My boyfriend is the same way and it’s beginning to rub off on me too. Check out Ralph Smart infinite waters diving deep once again, peace♥

To wrap it up…

Always track your behavior with a journal, stay true to yourself and with baby steps you can make changes. I hope you enjoyed the positive life lessons I shared. Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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