Lessons Learned in Life

Lessons Learned in Life

Life has kicked me in the but many times, between good and funny things that have happened, the lessons learned in life far are…

1. Who needs dip with Classic Lays!


I certainty don’t, well not lately anyways.  I’m not afraid to be different and not afraid to say, I enjoy the classics! Nothing tastes better than that fresh salty crisp in your mouth. Well, there are somethings that taste better, haha, think what you want.

2.Come on Mr. Rude boy show me what you got!

Mr Rude

Have you ever tried to piss off a rude person even more? I have! It’s actually funny, have a cyber fight with someone on youtube, you’ll see what I mean. I always win, I’m no match.

3. When life gives  you lemons…


Ewww put them back in the fridge!! I’m Dominican and am proud of making limeade, not lemonade, what the heck is that anyways?! Try a citrus glass of fresh squeezed lime-aid juice, trust me, you’ll never go back.

4.When there’s a shot left the next morning…


Crush it!! Especially if you have a mean hang over! It’s a great cure,  afterwards enjoy a beer, it’s never too early to enjoy an ice cold beer hahaha!

5.Don’t fight over stupid crap


If you enjoy making love, then make love not war! After all, do you want to be lying down in bed just aching to have him/her and not being able to because y’all fought!? I’m still struggling with this where I just act up sometimes then later realize, DAMN! I should have said sorry and made up before going to bed lol. That sucks and trust me, it’s not good for you or them in the end. Resolve conflicts then make love to make up!

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To wrap it up…

Life is too short, amen that is true! Why, why oh why even bother to fight, make lemonade (jk), or leave a shot in the bottle? Drink it! Even if i’m not doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! I have way too many funny things to write about, and way too much time so you’re in luck, I will be back with a sequel of my next 5 things learned in life.  But this will have to do with rejection and dating, hey laugh at me I don’t care, shoot i’m laughing at myself! Any questions or comments, ask Linda below thank you!

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