5 Ways To Deal With Depression


Hey everyone, having one of those days again? You know what I mean. Have you been depressed lately about anything or everything? Here are 5 ways to deal with depression that have helped me immensely when I’m feeling low:

1. Close family and good friends

There is no better feeling than knowing you have people who love you and are there for you. Friends and family are one of the best part of our lives! They take all the bad situations and just make them well…better! Tears turn to laughter and soon all your worries become a thing of the past, or at least forgotten for a while right?

2. Get out of the house, look forward to something

Wake up, kids go to school, husband or boyfriends at work, taking care of the baby, online school. Life can become pretty stressful, I know it has for me. Take some time to get out of the house and find something to look forward to. It can be anything from strolling baby around to checking out the latest fashion at the mall. Just get out and do something, you’ll thank yourself later after you enjoy a god time out.

3. Do something you love

I love to sing, write songs and play the piano. I have been using music to cure depressive states since I got my first piano at age 5. These songs are like a diary to me and have actually helped me grow and learn a lot about myself. I began writing real songs at age 12, and have been doing so ever since! Do something you love, whether it be painting, skateboarding, or maybe even watching your favorite tv show.

4. Be courageous

Life was never meant to get easier, we have to take the reigns and do something bold and daring. When you take a chance and become more courageous, you actually open doors to new exciting things! Try something new, be courageous, whats the worst that can happen? Confront life fearless and your days will be filled with nothing but happiness.

5. Meditate, Focus on the positives, outweigh the negatives

Sit down at a quiet place for 5 minutes, and empty your mind of all negative thoughts. Allow positive thoughts to slowly enter your mind and inner circle. By meditating for 5 minutes everyday (start your day with meditation), you will begin to see a more positive you, and negative thoughts will be a thing of the past.


To wrap it up…

Thank you all for reading my blog posts and everything you do for me. I can not express how much it means to me that all of you are here for me. I can be having a sad day and see all of your wonderful comments and it lights up my world. It really means a lot to me and I can’t stress how grateful I am for wonderful fans like all of you. Thank you and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to Ask Linda below, thank you! And remember, stay positive, life is our canvas, lets paint positive thoughts and images!

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