5 Lessons learned From Being A Kid

5 Things I learned From Being A Kid

5 Lessons learned From Being A Kid

As I look back and have a flashback recap of my childhood, I begin to think about how often I annoyed my parents. See, when you’re a kid you just don’t know how to stop asking questions! I have an older sibling which I’d annoy to a point that she’d scare me to leave her alone, it worked! lol. There are 5 lessons learned from being a kid… 

1. Remember to knock…

You don’t want to barge in a  room without knowing whats going on in there! Remember to knock, one time I didn’t and lets just say, thanks to mom and dad my mind got scarred for life at the age of 8 haha. That’s ONE huge rule I learned from being a kid.

2. Monsters are real, Bullies!

Evil kids tend to like to pick on the shy quiet type, which happened to be ME! I had a few bullies, not the beat you up and take your lunch money, instead the ones that made you do everything they say. Or Else, gulp. Eventually around 4th grade I stood up for myself, about time.

3. Write down favorite books and authors, trust me

When I moved back to the Dominican Republic at the age of twelve and came back at 13 after my dad passed away, I lost everything. Me and my mom had to start all over meaning all my favorite books were long gone:(. Luckily I remembered my favorite one which happened to be 4 bucks on amazon SOLD! Bad Things by Tamara Thorne. Yeah it wasn’t a child book but it sure was a good one and I read it every time I get the chance, glad I remembered the author!

4. Don’t tattletale unless it had to do with you…

Lets just say snitches get stitches (luckily I didn’t). When you see something you’re not supposed to, and no ones in danger (like your mom getting a “low fat” ice cream treat) don’t tell your dad. Then he will know what your moms been doing when she gets up to go (check the doors) haha. Funny thing, my dad got up and joined her and asked, “why didn’t you invite me?” lol.

5. Always be a loyal friend

Friendships just weren’t that true sometimes, but the one that always counted was your childhood friend. No matter what if anyone talked about my friends in front of me, was going to get the boot because that two faced thing didn’t role with me. There were one time however that, I wasn’t a loyal friend, and it cost me a friendship that I still think about till this day. So always BE  a loyal friend.

To wrap it up…

Being a kid was not an easy task, there were ups and downs, but you learned! With every new experience came a new lesson. If I had it my way I’d be a kid all the time! I never wanted to grow up, but at some point in life, you just have to. Although there’s nothing wrong with reminiscing about the good old days, I tend to do it a lot. There are millions of lessons I learned from being a kid, but that’s way too much to write.

Any funny things you remember about being a kid, things you learned? Comment to Linda below, thank you!


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