What is Pat pat Time for babies with Cystic Fibrosis?


10 months later and our brave little boy continues his daily battle with cystic fibrosis and is stronger than ever! If you didn’t know baby Anthony’s story of life with cystic fibrosis, click here to check it out!

Life with cystic fibrosis: baby Anthony’s story


Anthony and big brother Rudy


I wanted to go into more detail of what pat pat time is ( pulmonary acceleration time). Pat pat time is crucial for breaking the mucous up better and bringing it up easier. Keep reading below to see videos and to read about what is Pat pat Time for babies with Cystic Fibrosis.


Here is a video that gives further instruction about cf airway clearance, or as we know it at nemours, pat pat time!

This video is from cystic fibrosis foundation and they include points of views from actual parents as well as being very instructional on providing how it helps and how it works.


We’ve been doing chest therapy on Anthony since he was first diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis after he had the sweat done at 1 month. There are many different techniques that will be used as he ages. For more info, click link!

Airway clearance techniques

“Gravity pulls mucus from small to large airways where it can be coughed up. With chest percussion the chest is clapped and vibrated to dislodge and move mucus. This is done in varied positions to drain all lung parts,” (cystic fibrosis foundation, 2015).

Anthony gets pat pat daily to keep the mucous moving making it easier to get out. He also goes to the salt room 2-3 times a week to get salt therapy treatment which also benefit his lungs and skin health. He’s doing wonderful right now we feel happy and blessed that all of you pray for him every day! He’s as cute as a button!:)♥


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To wrap it up…

We are still learning about possible treatments that can better assist Anthony. He is striving and very healthy for having cystic fibrosis! He is strong and boy does he put up a fight on the changing table lol keep checking in for weekly updates on baby Anthony! Any questions or comments, feel free to write below thank you!

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