Top 5 ways to avoid an argument  


Sigh, here it comes ladies and gents, this one has taken the cake. Check out my top 5 ways to avoid an argument.

1. Don’t restrain

From past experiences, the worst thing I can say for me during an argument, is to be restrained. It’s like caging a wild tiger, you’re going to get scratched -_- . This is the WORST way to talk to someone. Just because you restrain someone, doesn’t mean they will listen. Worse, they will only get more upset and possibly revolt on you!

2. Don’t yell

Yelling doesn’t do any good except hurt your throat, drain your physical energy, and make you even more upset. What’s the point of yelling, no point is getting across! If you can’t talk and you feel your temperature boiling, walk away.

3. Walk away and cool off

Walking away to cool of is by far the best thing to do when you find yourself in a situation where things are about to go sour. Kindly tell that person that you need time to cool off. If they are understanding, they’ll let you go. If not, bring out the eye of the tiger lol. No, don’t do that, just try to get away.

4. Find logic in what’s happening

What the hell happened? (Pardon my French) What led to the argument and how is it going to get fixed? These are the things you have to logically think about. Whenever you stop, think, and find logic in the issue, the faster you can solve the problem.

5. Come to your senses

This has to be my favorite, come to your senses. Is the argument worth it, could it have been avoided? Meet in the middle, don’t butt heads. Try and figure out a solution together, it’s the only way for things to work themselves out.


To wrap it up…

Don’t stay in the same room yelling back and forth, avoid the fight. It will only cause damage to your vocal cords, and damage to the other person’s feelings. Take a walk, cool off, come to your senses, and everything will be ok. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to tell Linda below, thank you!


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