Tips For Online Dating

Tips For Online Dating

Tips For Online Dating

At times you meet someone online and you get super excited! You plan what you’re going to wear on your first date, what your hair will look like, plan the whole night out. You’re all ready to go and when you show up at the spot you are to meet your date, they are …a lot different than the picture-_-. These five things have happened to me and trust me…if you aren’t careful, you can expect this to happen to you. How to avoid this you ask? It’s easy, just follow these tips for online dating below.

1. Make sure that pic they posted, is the latest

Ask the person when that picture was take, you know to make sure that handsome blonde hair doesn’t turn out to be a head of NO hair when you meet. Don’t have a rude awakening when the hotty from that picture online you saw recently, was actually a picture taken 4 years ago ¬†‘-_-. A lot can change in 4 years, TRUST ME, a lot.

2. No inviting over the house

You don’t know who anyone online is! Don’t pick up your phone texting an address unless you’ve either

A. met somewhere else first a couple times or

B. You know this person through a good friend and someone else will be there with you that night, remember, be safe.

3. No drinking on first date

This just may turn out to be a one night stand for them and for you if you drink and let go the first night. Once the first date is over, it may be your last. Unless you know how to control your alcohol intake, I don’t recommend anything but maybe a small glass of wine to cool the nerves. Major important tip for online dating.

4. No dirty web-camming, unless he’s your man

This didn’t happen to me, but it can happen to you. If you decide to have a little fun through web-camming with a new crush, make sure the clothes stay on. Even if the other person takes them off, don’t do it. You don’t know if this creep is recording what you are doing! This could stream live and guaranteed you’ll be the talk of the town for the next few weeks. And for the record, this goes for men too.

5. Don’t give personal number unless comfortable

Want the final good tip for online dating? Avoid a stalker. If this person seems to want to meet up with you all the time and says they saw you leaving Walmart 5 minutes ago umm…-_- call the cops. A stalker is no joke. Especially if you’re one of the pretty and popular people online, keep your eyes peeled. If you wish to avoid random calls and texts at all hours of the night and day, don’t give your personal number out.

To wrap it up…

Among the nice and kind people on the internet there are a bunch of lunatics. You don’t know who everyone is to be giving out your personal information. Don’t trust right away, give time to let the relationship build. These are a few tips for online dating I’ve collected through either experience, or things iv’e witnessed. When dating online or even talking to someone, keep your eyes peeled, be safe, and have fun! Any questions or comments, ask Linda below, thank you!

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