Signs of Abuse in a Relationship


I really hope I can help anyone out there with this post. This is a hard topic for me to write considering I’ve been there before. Both men and women can be abusive. I decided to write this and out of respect of the person, I wont say who it was. Do you feel like there’s no way out, hopelessness, overwhelmed, fear? This may be for you. Here are 5 typical signs of abuse in a relationship.


1. Verbal Abuse

Abuse doesn’t have to resort to being hit, there is verbal abuse which hurts 10 times more. Is the person making you feel less than you are? Do they constantly tell you how worthless you are? This is the main sign of an abusive relationship.

2. Sudden attacks

You were having a conversation with the person, but suddenly, they begin attacking you! They say it’s your fault and that you’re the reason everything is going wrong. They’re telling you you’re crazy and that you need to stop making things up! You aren’t crazy, you are hearing right, and you deserve so much better! You need to get out quick! Nothing is your fault!

3. Physical Abuse

Is the person hitting you. I don’t mean a shove or shoves (which are still wrong) I mean punches directed to your face and throwing you around! They usually say things afterwards like “you made me do that” or my favorite, ” I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have hurt you if you had just listened to me”, “you started acting crazy, I had to restrain you” or even better, “I need you, lets start over”, Get out, NOW!

4. Humiliation

“You are worthless, you don’t work, you are a waste of space!” I heard this when I was just 18, this hurts! Just because you do not work does not mean you are worthless! You are a human being and you do matter! You are not taking up space you are a life who deserves to live and be happy! Kick the garbage to the trash. Heck, even if you need to, get a restraining order on the person!

5. Keep you from Family and Friends

This was the hardest one for me. The person who abused me also kept me from my friends and family saying things like, “You don’t need them you have me”, or, “They are a bad example for you, I don’t want you to act like them.” This hurt me mentally so so much. Anytime I was hanging out with my friends and this person saw me doing that, they would bang on my doors and windows scaring me! This caused the restraining order to happen even faster! I was scared for my life and did not trust the person, (heavy alcoholic) at all!


To wrap it up…


I want to keep you or your loved one safe. Please don’t hesitate to get help, this can save your or your loved ones life! Abuse goes far, and in the hands of a man or woman, you never know what the outcome will be. If you have any questions, please, and I mean PLEASE, ask Linda below. You are not crazy, you are sane, dump the wack job and break free! Be safe, be happy, be…you.

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