Romantic Valentines Day At Home Ideas

Are you looking for valentines day at home ideas for you and your significant other? Can’t get out? Or maybe you both have the house to yourself?! Valentines day doesn’t always mean flashy expensive gifts, although they can be nice, it’s not about that. Valentines day is about showing your significant other how much you love them. It depends how long you’ve been in a relationship on the gifts you give to each other. If you find you just don’t have the bank but still want to show your sweetheart your love, try some of these awesome Valentines day ideas! Don’t let staying at  home bum you out, have some fun!


1. Dinner for two


Cook a romantic dinner with your baby and set the table up for just the both of you! You can light a few candles or even put on some slow music and dim the lights! Whether the kids have gone to bed or are away for the weekend at a friends or relatives, make the night special and memorable!

2. A romantic movie


Get some popcorn started and cuddle on the couch for a private movie night! Watch a romantic movie and joke about it or admire it! Whatever works for the both of you, as long as you’re watching it together.

3. Picnic in the backyard


Throw an old blanket down on the ground and enjoy a romantic picnic whether it’s day or night! Pick out you and your honeys favorite dishes (simple things) and enjoy some food and music together!

4. Flash Back!


Create a scrap book or photo album of all of your best moments and reminisce on them together. You may spend hours laughing at the stories behind the photos. It’s good to go back in time to see where it all began.

5. A romantic bath for two!


If you both can fit in the bathtub lol, light some candles around to set the mood and throw some rose petals on the water to make it more romantic. A nice fragrance oil in the water is super mood setting. Heck if you want to bring some strawberries and whip cream, do so and and make it an ultimate night! Enjoy a glass of wine, if you’d like.

6. A dozen red Roses & Chocolates!


Surprise your love with a dozen red roses and a giant Hershey kiss or her favorite candy!  This is sure to make her day and yours too! You can write a special card or even a cute note slipped in the roses telling her 12 reasons she makes your day! For him surprise him with something he’s been needing for a while, perhaps maybe a new grooming kit for his beard!:)

To wrap it up…

Valentines day doesn’t have to be about flashy things and expensive gifts. Sometimes it’s the thought that counts. And if you literally are stuck at home or the kids are in bed or away, these 6 valentines day at home ideas will let your creative side take over and make the night unforgettable.  I’ve always dreamed of coming home to rose petals scattered on the floor, a bath surrounded by candles and rose petals, and a heart of rose petals on the bed. So romantic. But I digress, as long as you both are together and happy, that’s all that matters. Thank you any questions or comments, as Linda below!

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