Lonely During The Holidays?

Lonely During The Holidays

This is for all of the singles out there without a special someone and feel lonely during the holidays. I’ve been there before, it’s not fun and you just feel so alone. What are some possible things that will make your holiday better? Check out my ideas below! You’re sure not to fail with these fun things to do.

1. Call up an old friend!

What’s better during the holidays than reconciling with a friend you haven’t seen in 2, 3, maybe 5 years. Try to see if you and your friend can meet up! It’ll be an exciting reunion and the water works of tears will only be the beginning of the magical moment when you see that persons face.

2. Go out on the town for the holidays!

You’ll be surprised that you aren’t the only lonely person out during the holidays! You may be lucky and even find a few singles as well, even if it’s just to chat. Most strangers during the holidays are friendly and more cheerful. Make sure to stay clear of Ebeneezer scrooge haha, he doesn’t like the holidays.

3. Sing some tunes at a karaoke bar!

Why not share your holiday spirit at your local karaoke bar! There will be a small audience, and no one really cares what you sound like, it’s just fun! You’ll get to meet a group of strangers that will be clapping and laughing with you, go out and sing a Christmas carol!

4. Shop for yourself!

Get yourself something special, something you deserve. Shop for an amazing outfit and shoes, go out for the night, have a great time downtown!

5. Help out someone in need!

There are many lonely people during the holidays that are in need of someones help, or maybe even company. Whether it’s a shelter, or maybe even a person on the side of the road. Do a good deed and help that person, you will feel so rewarded after you see the smile on their face. And you know, I do believe in paying it forward.

To wrap it up…

The holidays are a wonderful time to be with family and friends, but if you find you just don’t have anyone to spend it with it all, have no fear, my checklist is here! Doing at least one of these things on this list will make your Christmas a bit more merry. Get out on the town, there’s plenty to do and people to meet! Any question or comments, ask Linda below!

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