Learning To Apologize When You’re Wrong

Learning To Apologize

Learning to apologize when you’re wrong is not the easiest task that comes to mind. Is there any way to apologize correctly?

If you know you’ve hurt the one you loved with words, try to talk it out as best as you can. Sometimes you’d be amazed at what a sincere conversation can do! Try to get on the same level with your  significant other. Is there a certain reason you’re blowing up out of proportion? I’m sure they’ll understand if they love you like they say they do. The tongue is the punishment of the body and at times in a moment of a heated argument we’ll say things to each other that we didn’t quite mean. After all, we’re only human. I’ve personally used the following 5 steps on how to apologize during fights with my boyfriend and it has made a world of difference in our relationship for the better.


1st step: Be the bigger person and apologize

I don’t mean saying I’m sorry, but actually apologize. If you know you we’re wrong first, apologize! “I apologize for my actions and what I said, I never meant to hurt you.” the next step is harder…

2nd step: State you’re reason and Accept

If you have a reason behind you’re attitude, express it to them. You have to state you’re reason as to why you blew up and accept it was wrong, GULP. They will let you know that you didn’t have to blow up like that. Shake it off, take a deep breath, swallow and say, “you’re right, I didn’t have to blow up like that, but…( is one word you want to avoid, you’re trying to get forgiveness not argue again, come one!)”. Told you it was hard haha, then follow through with step 3…

3rd step: Say what the person did to anger you or say why you’re mad

There has to be a reasonable answer for your anger (I hope you have one). Whether it’s pregnancy ( some women turn completely different when pregnant), you had a bad day at work, or maybe you’re favorite team lost (guys, you know what I mean). Don’t be angry, try to express you’re reason and make sure i’s  a damn good one too. Maybe you’re stressed about a test or something else that is worrying you. The key is communication. As long as you’re SO doesn’t flip out and call you names, you should remain calm. I’m not saying go Mr.Miyagi if they do, but try to relax.

4th step: Ask for  a hug, cry on their shoulder

You’d be amazed what hugs can do for couple. It’s like a healing tool that is used to personally to heal you in and out. Hugs make for a much better day. If your SO starts to cry, don’t stand cold or yell at them, hug them even if they fight you off (nicely) at first. Every one needs a hug, it’s medicine for the soul.

5th step: Don’t promise you’ll change, but try you’re best

Try to change you’re ways. This is very hard especially if you we’re raised a certain way or grew up watching arguments. If you love this person, you will try you’re best to CHANGE YOUR WAYS.  Anyone can make a promise and break it, don’t be that person. Blowing up is not the answer unless you walk away to cool down. Try not to be that way, in the end, it will only lead to more heartbreak.


To wrap it up…

Learning to apologize when you’ve made a mistake is not easy, but it’s a task that can be learned. Through these five steps, you’ll slowly learn to get better with each passing day. It’s not easy but it’s possible to accept you’re wrong and move on with your life for your relationships sake.

Let me know how these steps worked for you in the comment section below.  <3 ~Linda

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