Is Your Relationship Burning Out?


Have things been distant lately? Is your relationship burning out? Could this be you? The questions are endless but no worries,  I’ve found the answers for you. In a relationship, things always start out so beautiful, to maintain that takes work from the both of you. There are easy signs that determine the failure or failing of a relationship. Look for them in this list.

1. Constant Arguing

This is usually the giveaway that something is wrong. You just can’t agree on anything anymore. The things you used to agree on are suddenly endless bickering fights that leave you sleeping in separate rooms.

2.Spending More Time Apart

You find that on your days off, when both of you are at home, there’s distance. One of you is either watching t.v. while the other is on their phone texting friends. And even if you do sit down together there’s that awkward silence. The chemistry is not as strong as it used to be and you begin to see the person in a different way. That’s the scariest part when you begin having second thoughts about your partner.

3. What Ever Happened To, “I can’t wait to see you?”

It seems like suddenly you just don’t mind not seeing each other for a whole day anymore. You go a whole day with probably having the person on your mind twice or sometimes not even at all. Things start to become a routine: Get home, dinner, shower, t.v., bed. LAME.

4. Hello Kisses And Hugs? History

When you first started dating it was like you we’re anxious or dying to kiss and hug your significant other. Lately it’s a miracle if a hug takes place, or it gets to the point that you have to go up to the person and steal a hug! And the worst part is when the person doesn’t even hug you back, SERIOUSLY!? It starts to get to the sad point that you don’t even kiss goodnight anymore. That my friends shows your relationship’s burning out.

5. You Don’t Talk Or Text Often

Seems like your phone sits on the table all alone lately, compared to when your significant other used to send you a text saying “hey beautiful, hope you’re having a great day, I miss you<3.” Or in the woman’s case, “hey handsome, can’t wait to see you.” But if you are doing this and your texts go unanswered till late in the day, it just leaves you to start thinking that the person just doesn’t give a crap. It only takes one minute to text someone, if they aren’t finding time to do this, then, I don’t know what else to say.  Then you start thinking back on the 15-20 mini texts you two would have before, or when you would get giddy when you saw your phone because they texted back.

 6. You’re Conversations Lack Flavor

You know what I’m talking about! Running out of words to say to each other? Are conversations just plain dull and lame lately? Short conversations are ok every once in a while, but if it becomes constant and they begging and with “yep” or “I guess”, that’s a red flag. What happened to the hours of conversations you’d have cuddling on the couch or in bed? Yep, that’s crap now, hey, I’m just saying lol.

7. Are you Invisible?

Don’t you remember in he beginning how you’d lay in a sassy outfit on the bed just to have your partner enter the room  and go GAGA over you. Or the endless compliments on your body you would receive? If the case becomes that they walk past you or you hear, “not now babe”, that just leaves you embarrassed and unattractive. I understand there’s a time for everything but if the opportunity is just right and neither of you are sick or When is the time right?! you never used to hear NOT NOW, like What the hell, SERIOUSLY!? It just makes you not even want to get fixed up or glammed up anymore. You instead find yourself reading romance novels and wishing that girl in the story was you, or even watching Taylor swift videos like Love Story and crying.

8. Holding Hands and Cuddling, History.

When you go out to place, hey even a walk around the neighborhood and you aren’t holding hands, makes you feel unwanted. The sadder part is when you try to hold the persons hand and they have their hands occupied with something else like a phone or even jammed in their pockets. Even car rides turn sad and solemn, you just feel like, “damn, do am I the plague or something”?! From the public’s view you appear to be two friends, might as well just be that right?

To wrap it up…

Relationships take time and patience. These are some of the 8 telltale signs that your relationship may be burning out. Don’t let this be you, try new things, talk to your partner, and try. Tell them how you are feeling and see if they strike up sentiment to tell you the same and to open their eyes and realize it. You better hurry before that flame burns out for good and it’s too late. Questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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