How To Get a Date : 5 Steps

How To Get A Date

How To Get A Date

Awww hang in there girls…

All your friends are dating and you feel a little left out, don’t worry I’ve been there before! Some of the worst experiences of my life were because of high school. I thought I was ugly and lacked good looks therefore it gave me very low self esteem. You can’t really blame me considering I wasn’t the pretty popular girl guys would flock too. But the years changed and so did I. After high school I started breaking necks, literally guys would compliment me and approach me anywhere I went asking for my number, everywhere I went and I couldn’t believe it!

And to think I thought I was ugly -_-. Here is a list on how to get a date which I used was single, literally effortless and easy.

1.When you wear an outfit, OWN IT!

Act like you are the hottest thing in town, laugh with your friends and ignore any potential girl that hates on you. Try and not to overdo your outfit, just be yourself and eventually within a few days to a week of doing this you will land a hot guys number.

2. Find the hot spots!

Throw on something cute, try a different hairstyle and go hang out at the local hot spots in town! I used  to hang out at the mall with my friends and we would point out the hottest guy’s lol. If one approaches you, don’t hesitate to get to know him more, it may be your lucky day!

3. Build up your confidence

This was one of the hardest things for me to do. As much as I tried to look in the mirror and say I was beautiful, I couldn’t see it. Try this: Write a list about 10 things that make you beautiful both in and out. Look at this list everyday and you will start picking up confidence! Read it to yourself out loud and truly make an effort to believe in them.

4. Smile and become more social!

When you smile more you’ll begin to realize that a smile is like honey, it will draw all the bees to you! When you’re always pouting and looking like you want to beat someone up, it will scare those potential dates away. Look carefree and smile like you enjoy every minute of life, which you should. Don’t you notice that the more social girls land more dates? The more social you are the more chance you’ll have on landing a date.

5. You have multiple options!

When you set your mind to think this way you literally can land any date you want. If you start to not believe in yourself and saying things like, “oh I don’t know, he’s out of my league”, WRONG, you are out of HIS league. Switch the way you think and start thinking outside of the box more.

To wrap it up…

Confidence is the key to landing a date. If you lack confidence start today by making a list, changing your outfits and hair, and smile more! You’ll be amazed at how much beauty there is in you when you make yourself look beautiful. I created a list of 10 things I love about myself that I love the most. When I was single, it really helped to keep me motivated and now I’m happily committed! Don’t ever change yourself or lie to land a guy; that is a big NO. Eventually the truth will come out, especially if you begin a long committed relationship with that person. Now get out there and land that date!

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