Great Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special!


Valentines day is right around the corner!! If you’ve been in a relationship for a while fellas, you tend to forget that us ladies, still need some tlc (tender loving care, yes, there are people that don’t know that so I wrote it lol). Ladies need attention, in fact, most of us crave attention from you! Here are some great ways to make your girlfriend feel special!


Tell her she’s beautiful!

Especially when she went out of her way to look nice for you! Nice is not a compliment, good is not a compliment.

Stunning, gorgeous, exotic, beautiful, sexy…

are compliments that really stay locked in our brains. Actually look at her up and down, stop for a minute, take it all in, after all, you got this beauty over everyone else.


Value her.

You worked hard to get her, so work hard to keep her, or someone else will steal her away with compliments.


Spend one on one time with her!

Focus on her, I mean REALLY focus. walking around the neighborhood, or a place where just the two of you can be alone. Do something she loves to do for once! Make her the main focus and actually pay attention to what she says, this falls into my next one.


Listen to her!

Ok, I know that us ladies can chat up a storm, but we’re actually giving you hints guys! Pay attention to what she says because this can very well avoid any future arguments.


Appreciate her!

Does she do things for you often? Make you banging dinners, take care of your needs, show you attention and love, return the favor. Yes! We actually like to hear dinner was banging baby lol or something like that! Just like a rose garden, give it water, sunshine and love and it will grow. Get on it’s bad side and we just might prick your finger like a thorn.


Text her when she least expects it!

I personally love receiving special texts from my guy with things saying,

hey beautiful, hows your day going?

You notice how in some relationships over time people stop trying? Little things like this keeps your girls feelings for you going strong. It’ll make her blush and think of you throughout the day, versus her thinking about a strangers compliments throughout the day. Think on that. Just because you got her, doesn’t mean you should stop trying.


To wrap it up…

In a world where we get wrapped up in work, school, families, and more, don’t forget about your girlfriend. Yes, girls, give your guys some attention too! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to tell or ask Linda below, thank you!

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