Fun Date Night Ideas For You and Your Boo

Fun Date Night Ideas

Fun Date Night Ideas

Catching the latest movie is all fine and dandy, but sitting in the dark with your attention on actors as opposed to your honey can get old really quickly. In the words of Luther Vandross, don’t “regret the fact you missed the chance for romance.” Aside from the movie theater, you should have other options in mind for date night to spice things up and rekindle the love. There are a plethora of date ideas you can choose from, so skim through and see our list of fun date night ideas for you and your boo.


Sign up for salsa dancing. By learning something new, it will give your lover bonus points for putting forth the effort. Sway your feet and hips together in rhythmic unison.

I found a great online site where you can learn to dance the salsa and get ready for this fun date night out on the town.

2. Roller Skating

Dust off your roller skates and find a roller rink nearest you. Strap up the laces and hit the floor along with your man. It’s a perfect time to hold hands and skate together. If one of you takes a stumble, make sure there’s no real injury before letting loose a string of giggles.

3. Camping

Visit a campground site with tent, sleeping bags, and food in tow. At the campfire, roast marshmallows, make smores, and tell ghost stories as you listen to the lulling crackle of the fire.

4. Festival Time

Walk around at the local festival munching on succulent bar-b-que and checking out all the vendors have to offer. Enjoy the vibe – jamming music, aroma of food and beautiful sights.

5. Midnight Bowling

Most bowling alleys have midnight bowling, where hip hop music blasts and lights dance against the dim backdrop. Create crazy team names and trash talk with your guy in a good-natured competition.

6. Laser Tag

Get your big kid on by going to laser tag, where you are outfitted in a vest and given a laser gun. Creep around the many passageways, shooting at folk and dodging laser bullets. Try to find your man and make his vest light up with laser shots. Get him before he gets you!

7. Surprise Road Trip

Take a Sunday morning to hop in the car and just ride. Play soothing R&B music and enjoy each others company as you head to the closest city. Be spontaneous – pick a restaurant once you get there and afterwards walk around and visit boutiques.

If you have more fun date night ideas please share below in a comment.


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