Are You Really In Love?

Are You Really In Love

Are You Really In Love

Are You Really In Love? That’s a good questions, let me start off by saying that Love is like a roller coaster, there are butterflies, ups, downs, and occasionally a couple loops haha. Looking back on my past experiences I now see that it was never really love and it took finding someone I really connected with to understand the difference. When we’re young we make mistakes, many, but this is how we learn. If you try to avoid seeing someone  left and right as I did, you’re definitely not in love. The follow is a list of the reasons why I love my man, the real question is…  Are You Really In Love?


1. When You Can’t Wait To See Them

Minutes seem like hours and you just can’t wait till they get home so you can give them a hug and a kiss. You constantly have fantasies about them and want them all the time both intimately and emotionally.


2. You Constantly Find Yourself Daydreaming About Your Future With Them

You dream of kids, a family, a life together. You can’t wait to have children together and if he has children, you love them equally as well. You both find time to make for each other and always support each other in moments when life is just not easy.


3. You Can’t Sleep Without Them

After months of sleeping next to each other you’ll find a night away to be made of tossing and turning. You just can’t seem to get comfortable and miss them holding you at night. You feel you will even drive back just to see them, and when you find out the next day from them that they couldn’t sleep either, it makes you feel good. Because you know they feel the same about you.


4. You Want To Make Them Smile All The Time

You just can’t wait to make them laugh and you find yourself constantly smiling when you see them. You feel like you want to make their day good, and even if you’re in a bad mood you try and push it out of the way when you see them.


5. You Get Butterflies When You Look Into There Eyes

Whether it’s the first gaze or the millionth, every gaze they give you seems to feel like the first time. It just feels right and you can’t help but shyly look away and look back and hug them. This my friends, is true love.


To wrap it up…


Love isn’t always unicorns and rainbows, as a friend of mine once said. It’s about committing to each other, learning new things about one another, and being there for each other through the the good and the bad. Relationships take work which is why a relationship, at times, is not for everyone. You have to learn about each other and pass through any hiccups or bumps that you may find in the road. When you feel that you can make it through anything with your partner by your side, then you are on your way to a lifelong relationship. You listen to each others problems and console each other when you cry, you don’t judge each other and move past all your past mistakes. Love has no color, sex, or ethnicity to me. Love is just what you feel in your heart, and how you feel in the persons arms. A relationship takes work, but in the end, it’s worth it when you look in those eyes and just know, this is who I want to share my life with. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda, thank you!

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