5 Ways to Prevent Facebook From Ruining Your Relationship


Hi everyone! We all know about Facebook, it is a great way to connect with friends and family. However, Facebook is notorious for ruining healthy relationships. The good news is there are 5 ways to prevent Facebook from ruining your relationship, check them out below!


1. Quit comparing and expecting your life to be like others.

Once you begin to accept and love your life more, you quit comparing, wanting and expecting and become happier. So you saw a friend who recently got a job promotion or a cousin who got married, don’t hate on them! Try to congratulate instead or better yet, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all (as I have learned).



2. Avoid the raunchy images and videos

We all know 75% of the internet is porn combined with women and men showing of their bodies or ink. People have actually been caught cheating through Facebook smh. Just learn to avoid those pages and focus on what makes you happy. If it really bothers you to see images like this, block it or report it. Honestly, I would not let my kids have a Facebook account with all the raunchy things that are on there now! It’s disgusting!!! I believe some things are better left behind closed doors than all over a site where little kids can get easy access good Lord! Some people have no respect and show off everything, learn to avoid it.


Miley Cyrus swinging nude on a wrecking ball



3. Try not to get on every single day

Some people really don’t care for your problems, so keep them between you and your family and close friends. If you avoid getting on every day, you actually begin to live! I know this because I was one to get on every day, but not anymore. I post to Instagram and share it to Facebook, but rarely get on anymore. Facebook breaks you down, do things that make you happy and forget about Facebook for a while




4. No venting badly about someone

I learned this the hard way after my sons hair got big chopped by his dad who he rarely sees, I was so upset I took to wrongly outing pictures up and bashing him by telling everyone what he did. Yes, what I did was wrong, and I removed the posts later that week. No more social media venting, on Facebook at least lol. I actually did see a post someone put about hating their job (like the image above) and they got fired smh. Yes, your boss may very well have a Facebook account you don’t know about, watch out!



5. Try to avoid bad company on there

We all know there’s that one friend who is constantly up to no good. Avoid bad company and you will find your days more fulfilled and happier. If you have to, cut the bad company out of your life for good! Life lessons, knowledge is power everyone!




To wrap it up…


Facebook is a great way to see friends and family, but it can also ruin your relationship by making you have exceeding expectations and more. Juts live your life in the moment and forget about all the negative things, as my love once told me, and your life will be happier. Any questions or comments, tell Linda below, thank you!

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