5 Ways to Keep your Man Interested


Girlfriends hi! I’m going to give you a round of applause because being a girlfriend is not easy! You should give yourself credit for all the awesome things you’re doing, however…maybe there are a few things you might be missing, let me help you out…


 1.The importance of I love you

If you always expect your boyfriend to say I love you first, he’ll start thinking why is he the only one saying it first? Remember to say it at least once a day or every other day, especially if he’s going out of his way to do special things for you.


2. Do something special for him occasionally



Throw on something sexy for a fun night, cook him his favorite breakfast lunch or dinner, or surprise him with a homemade gift. Anything that comes from you he’s sure to love so try to be creative! Remember , it’s not the price, it’s the thought that counts.

3. Look in his eyes, not the ground



When he’s talking to you especially when it’s something important, eye contact is crucial. If you avoid his eyes he’ll think you’re hiding something and the whole situation will become uncomfortable. It’s cute to do it sometimes and play shy girl, but know when to be serious too.

4. More laughter equals less fighting



When you feel the urge to bicker and fight with him for anything…STOP. This will just cause more harm than good. Try to look at the situation in this angle: Would you rather enjoy a nice dinner, watch a movie, and have a romantic night, or a night bickering about everything eventually leading to an argument? You decide.

5. He likes surprise hugs too!



Whenever you see him just standing around doing nothing or sitting on the couch, go up and hug him and give him a nice kiss. When you hug your guy randomly, it makes him feel wanted, special, and most importantly, yours.


To wrap it up…

No girl is perfect and there are things we forget to say or do for our guys. If they are putting forward the effort why can’t we? Use this list anytime you want and pick your favorite things from here! Now go ahead and surprise your guy with a hug! Remember…from the front not from behind to avoid an accidental elbow in your mouth lol ^_^! Enjoy every day with him and try to minimize the fighting to at least 10 %, after all, life is too short!


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