5 Ways to Keep your Girl Interested


Hello fellas! I’m here to show you 5 ways to keep your girl interested. Does it seem like your relationship is becoming routine? Everything a bit too robotic? Is your relationship burning out? If any of these things sound like you, then you’d better read this list, I mean it.

1. Invite her out to dinner

Tell her to get dressed up, get a babysitter if you have kids, and woo her with a romantic evening out on the town. She’ll be glad to get out of the house and most importantly, spend time with you!

2. Strike up something new in the bedroom!

Yes! Routine gets boring, try some different positions, moves, anything that gets her hyped up and wanting you more. Try making love to her instead of a quickie if you both have uninterrupted time. We know quickies are fun but, sometimes a girl just wants that long passionate love making session every once in a while.

3. Take her shopping for lingerie

This will fire things up and definitely get you out of your boring routine! If you really want her to look different, make her feel special and surprise her with something sexy, or take her shopping for a sexy outfit for your eyes only.

4. Spend time with her and actually LISTEN to her

There’s a fine line between a girl pouring out her feelings and you just remaining silent or walking away. Take the damn time to at least ask how her day was and how she’s been feeling. She’ll really appreciate it, trust me I know. My guy listens to me and we spend time together, it makes me feel special.

5. Tell her how beautiful she looks today!

Sometimes a girl needs to feel like she’s important man! Hey, I know this, I’m a girl! Lol. Telling her how beautiful she looks today will put a smile on her face. Don’t do it all the time or it’ll be overkill-_- If a girl gets all dolled up for a night out and asks you, “babe how do I look?” You better pull something better out of your behind than, “fine”. Lol just saying. Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. “Babe you look amazing”. A few words go a long way.


To wrap it up…

Relationships take work, I’ve said this before. This is the time that can either make you or BREAK you. If you really love her and want things to work, try out my especially made list. With both of you putting forward the effort, things will work out. At least doing 2 of these things every once in a while will keep you on her mind for a long time to come. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!


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