5 Things to Never Say or Ask Your Boyfriend

5 Things to Never Say or Do to Your Boyfriend

5 Things to Never Say or Do to Your Boyfriend

I have been in a relationship for approximately 7 months now, I guess this can officially be named my first real relationship, yay me! I am 22 and let me just say I am learning as I go. There are 5 things to never say or ask your boyfriend, well, five mistaken questions and statements I found myself saying aloud to him that maybe I SHOULD HAVE KEPT TO MYSELF LOL! OK here is the list of the questions and things I said so you won’t make the same mistake as I did. Luckily I have an understanding boyfriend who doesn’t take everything I say to heart and understands that well, this is typical Linda lol.

1. Am I the best you ever had?

OF COURSE you’re the best he ever had, don’t you think he’d be out chasing someone else and not fawn over you??! Is he talking to his ex (if he is there is definitely a problem -_-)? If he’s not then don’t worry about it and let it go, the past is THE PAST, so leave it there.

2. Am I getting fat?

HAHAHAHA this is hilarious and I complain about it constantly even though I’m not, but the baby bump pudge I have sometimes leaves me insecure even though he assures me I look awesome, you know how it goes.

3. Turn of the lights, I don’t want you to see me

OK I personally want to slap myself for this one because I’m guilty of it hahahaha. OF COURSE HE WANTS TO SEE YOU! He loves you and loves every part of you stretchmarks, dimples, beauty marks, which by the way, who cares! If he loves you he wants to see you, so build up that confidence or throw something you feel confident in, on!

4. I don’t have ANYTHING to wear out tonight

If I had a dollar for every time I shouted this out, I’d be a millionaire! Throw something you love and feel good in and show him, guaranteed he’s going to love it! Don’t let an outfit ruin your night, just have fun!


That’s a red flag and just makes your boyfriend torment himself into thinking what the heck did I do wrong?! These are the 3 most  terrible words you can say to your guy. We know we know you got mad at something he did or forgot to do but avoid these words. It’s like a stab to the heart and he’ll really end up believing that you indeed actually hate him! Instead talk to him and say I dislike what you said or did, it hurt my feelings. Or I’m hurt you forgot to do this for me, but not I hate you, triple no.

Relationships take time and being open about them and opening up to each other actually makes your relationship stronger and better. When you keep things inside it just shows that you don’t know how to open up yet and you need to learn. Over time you will and it will get easier. Just give things time and you’ll see your relationship start to get a lot better. Everyone has flaws but if you don’t realize them and fix yourself and the flaws you have, you may lose the person you love, possibly your soul mate, forever. Nothing’s easy and anything that requires work is worth it in the end!

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