5 Things That Ruin Relationships


Hi everyone! 5 things that ruin relationships can range from Trust, fights, to jealousy. If you are going through any of these, then this is the post for you to read.


1. Trust

When there is no trust in a relationship, things begin to slowly collapse. Lack of trust can range from not trusting what your partner is doing on Facebook, to not trusting what your partner does when they run errands. It can get to the point that your partner feels like they should gauge their eyes out just to please you.

2. Jealousy

A little jealousy can be good, but over jealousy can be a bad thing. If it gets to the point that your partner can’t look at a simple photograph due to the person in the photograph appearing attractive. Then the issue lies within you. Maybe there’s something about yourself you don’t like and want to change in order to be a attractive to yourself. If your partner finds you beyond attractive, why is the jealousy still there?

3. Lies

“I’ll be right back, going out for a quick errand.” If that quick errand turns into 3 hours without the person returning and they return with a strange story, something’s up. Lies can slowly chain into more and more lies. Eventually all the lies catch up and the truth is heard.

4. Cheating

Cheating is basically the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Once a cheater always a cheater; I’ve heard this phrase and quite frankly, I believe it. If you are not happy with someone like I’ve said before, then leave. Don’t stay in an unhappy relationship when you know you lust for someone else. Be up front and make the decision to leave, rather than cheat. If you love your partner and want to stay, why do you even consider cheating to be an option? Just saying.

5. Constant Fights

When a simple conversation becomes a screaming match between you two, maybe couples therapy can become and option. It’s amazing what little words someone can say to us that accidentally offend us. Constant fighting isn’t healthy and creates a stress barrier in relationships. Try hard to look deep within and figure out why the arguing is happening. Watch out for certain trigger words that may start a fight such as; “But you think….but I know that you” those are a bad beginning to a long fight match.

To wrap it up…

If you have already damaged your relationship with over jealousy, lack of trust, or constant fights. Talk to your partner and tell them what you really feel. Maybe it’s just something you have to work on yourself, or you both have to work on together. If your partner cares for you, they will be there for you. However, cheating is a different story and I don’t know how to help you there. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask or tell Linda below, thank you!

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