4 Signs your Relationship is Being Sabotaged


Let me start this off by first saying, hello everyone!

The start of a relationship can be a beautiful thing…however, it has it’s ups and downs. The ups and downs become worse when someone is PURPOSELY trying to sabotage what you worked so hard for! Check out and read these 4 signs your relationship is being sabotaged to save your relationship today!


Oh no!

Are you over experiencing the whole he said she said they said issue when having a heated discussion with your mate? If so, take a deep breath, a long walk, and relax! Enjoy this read and take a step back and check out these four common tell tale signs that you ARE INDEED being sabotaged.



1. Don’t believe everything you hear, stick to your guns


Find out the facts from your mate in front of the people that said that you swapped the story. Has the person done this before in the past, and if so, who cast the first stone? Tell your love that there is a huge issue with what is being said, and get back up to defend your story! Whether it’s a good friend or someone who knows you very well, get the facts from that person.Your mate may insist on believing their story versus yours, but if you know for a fact what you said, stick to your guns. Find out the truth before pointing fingers.




Don’t accuse without knowing exactly what’s going on. There is always that one person who always assures your mate you say the complete opposite. I call this POISON. Remember, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. And REALLY think on it, is that person really your friend, or trying to tank your relationship by acting as your friend? Little brain puzzler there for you to think about…

3. I never said that! He said she said story


This is my favorite!


Scenario: Husband and wife arguing (pic lol)

Husband” You weren’t very honest with me to begin with and THEY SAID that YOU SAID something completely different that what you are telling me Judy!.”

Wife, “Hank, I know I wasn’t honest and I’m sorry, I wasn’t lying about what I said  I can assure you that I know what I said and it wasn’t what THEY SAID!”

Husband, “I don’t know Judy, I don’t know what to believe right now, and THEIR story seems pretty accurate.”

Wife, “I can’t stress to you anymore that this has happened before, THEY’RE trying to sabotage us again hank open your eyes and look at the facts!” Can’t we just enjoy the rest of the night and start over?

Husband,”…(cricket cricket).


And the arguing continues… Hank decides to crash on the couch while Judy continues to complain to Hank about what they just argued about while Hanks watching the latest episodes of American Idol. One night destroyed over…


Yikes! Hope you enjoyed my skit lol.

I can’t tell you enough how the person who is sabotaging you will try to stick up for you. “I said the opposite, I swear! I never told them what they told you, you know me!” Yes, that is exactly the problem. Once poison always poison (third one on this list). (Hank and Judy) “I never said that, he said she said they said SCREW WHAT ANYONE SAID!” If the person was insincere and trying to make up for it, are you STILL going to try to drink the poison from the THEY SAID crew?


4. Who are you going to believe, me or them?


OK, first off, lying is bad. If you lied to your mate CONSTANTLY about dumb crap, it becomes pretty evident why they didn’t believe your story. However, if you know the person telling you, “oh, your mate said the opposite,” has a history of being a sabotage, then you should come to your senses and realize, “Ok, mate apologized, a do over is needed,” versus, “Oh, you lied, so and so said otherwise.” OTHERWISE?? COME ON! Program in your head how many times that person has tried to sabotage your relationship, then tell me otherwise “ok.”


To wrap it up…

I hope you enjoyed this post and I truly hope I help out anyone out there. Sometimes the people you love the most, can truly be, the black widow waiting to sabotage your relationship. Stay clear of the poison, keep your head up, and work together! Your relationships future depends on the both of you. The only question I have is, who’s the poison in your life? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below thank you!

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