3 Things Every Good Relationship Needs!


Hey everyone! Who needs a little spicing up in your life? Every relationship has flaws, but there’s hope! I’ve gathered up my thoughts and thought I’d give some friendly advice that may help you today! Check out these  3 things that every good relationship needs!


 1. Start communicating more

Yes, fighting less! Communication is the key to all the healthiest relationships in the world. When two people connect on a personal and verbal level, not many arguments can take place, can they?

2. Appreciation

This has to be the biggest concern for many women (mostly) and men. They feel like their partner doesn’t appreciate them enough even when it’s said. Words are just words, actions speak louder. Do something to show your babe that you appreciate them. Ideas: A nice back massage or foot rub is a great way to show appreciation. You can also cook them a special favorite meal and enjoy desert together afterwards too.

3. More action!

OK< Who doesn’t like sex!?

It is wonderful when you can lose yourself in the other person and feel the passion like an Ellie Goulding. When passion starts to die out and sex rarely happens, then you start wondering if there’s something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you! If no one makes the first move it becomes a waiting game that quickly escalates to frustration and usually, in the other person satisfying themselves while waiting for things to happen. If things get to routine, spice it up with an outfit or even some sexy music to put you in the mood and feeling sexy.

Best one: Lay in bed completely nude (don’t pass out though and call out for your significant other to come to you and start playing with yourself and give them that look, BAM) If that doesn’t get them in bed with you, I honestly don’t know what to say hahaha!


To wrap it up…

People seem to forget that in relationships, communication and appreciation are the number one things that keep things harmonious. Waiting around for action leads to the other person doing different things to satisfy their needs, and worse, some even cheat to get that! No no! Try to get on a personal level with your love and tell them how you feel (without blowing your top). Working on things together is the only way to fix things. And for Christ’s sake, just go to the room and take care of business hahahaha I’m crazy! Anyways, If you have any questions, or comments, write Linda below!

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