What Makes Toddlers Awesome

What Makes Toddlers Awesome

What Makes Toddlers Awesome

What Makes Toddlers Awesome is that they have so many different and unique qualities. They are like mini humans lol! They try on our shoes, try to brush their hair, and try to sound like us. I’ve seen so many toddlers in my life, now I have one of my own and every day I learn and grow with my son. He’ll be 4 next year so I enjoy this stage because they grow up so fast in the blink of an eye!

1. When They Mispronounce Words

Nothing cuter than when you correct them and they still say mommy, pwease! It’s so funny, I often find myself questioning why they say it this way, but then just let it go. He can learn to say it right soon, for now it’s just cute.

2.There Tendency to Annoy Older Siblings

Haha when my step daughter who is 9 is playing a game on her Nabi 2 Tablet, she always shares with him and tries to teach him. But Rudy instead begins making silly faces and sounds and not taking her lesson serious! She has a lot of patience for him, I admire that.

3. They Follow you Everywhere in the House!

At times I don’t know whether to label this as cute or simply driving me insane! You tell them a million times, go find something fun to do. Instead, their idea of fun is either spying on you and running away laughing, or bumping into you when you turn around with a basket of laundry!

4. They Tell You When they go Potty

My son runs up to me and seriously says it like this, “Mami, I go caca(poop)”. I was like the heck! I laughed so hard! I went to the bathroom to see and the boy was right!

5.They Randomly Hug you and say, “I love you”

My son is so affectionate, at times it can really get to be annoying especially if I am in the restroom and he barges in “I love you Mami!” Hahaha, I taught him not to come in the bathroom though, so everything’s fine now!


To wrap it up…

Children are tiny human beings who grow quickly and rapidly in the first 3 years. Take this time to appreciate your child and how fast they learn! Remember to also allow your child to grow at there own pace. My son began speaking full sentences two months after his third birthday! I was worried but it’s normal and it happens. So go give your little peanut a hug and play a game of hide and seek, cherish these memories forever! Dont forget to checkout my blog about How to Handle Toddler Tantrums :)

Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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