Tips For During And After Pregnancy


Yay you’re pregnant!!! But are you looking for some tips for during and after pregnancy? C-section perhaps? Or just typical pregnancy tips?  I’ve discovered with both of my pregnancies something that helped tremendously. Here’s a few…

1. Store away your clothes for now…

Hide all of the clothes that you KNOW you won’t be seeing for months. Why do this? One, it will depress you less to see you can’t fit your favorite top or jeans for now, two, you can focus more on what will be fitting you and your growing bump now! I actually removed all the clothes from my drawer and set them in a bag lol, I just didn’t want to see them.

2. Get antacids, tums, I mean it!

There comes a point where you don’t even want to look at food the beginning of your pregnancy, then it goes away and comes back to bite you in the third trimester( for some unlucky chicks like me). Get tums, they are a huge help; there’s even new fruit antacids you should try out, if your doctor gives the thumbs up.

3. Again with the clothes, Be realistic about your clothes

Don’t expect to squeeze back into your adorable tight fitting outfits right away, especially if your having a C-section like me. Get used to those comfy sweats you were wearing during pregnancy, you’re going to need them to avoid irritating your wound for at least a month or so.

4. Eat anything you want, health wise-_-

Start becoming a lover of fruits and vegetables to avoid becoming nausea’s all the time. It will help to gather up a list of your favorite fruits and veggies and go shopping once a week or two to get them. It’ll make you feel good and heck, they taste good! I love plums♥

5. Lastly, don’t push yourself!

I am one who loves to clean and do a bunch of miscellaneous things around the house, but there comes a time in the third trimester where feet swelling does take place. If you’re up on your feet too much, baby WILL make you pay for it. So relax, read a book, get on your tablet and lay in bed. Trust me, I’ve had many days where I just lay in bed do to nausea and overdoing cleaning, don’t be a me lol. Our blessing… 10171161_10203737747590493_5272464427399158710_n To wrap it up… Towards your last few weeks of pregnancy, take the time to organize your hospital bag, babies bag, and organize your thoughts! Get some friends and family to help you out, and tell hubby how you are feeling. Now is the best time to spend some alone time together, because with a little blessing coming along the way, alone time gets tough to find. I’ve got 8 days left and hubby and I take lots of time to spend together and with the kids as well. It’s nice to have a good family to help you out too♥. And remember, grandmas and aunties rule! lol. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda, thank you!d

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