Teaching Your Child Organizational Skills!

Teaching your child organizational skills not only benefits them, but benefits you as well! If you find your house constantly a mess and excuse your child because they are young, that’s no excuse. Children mainly copy what they see. If they see an unorganized parent(s) who throws clothes everywhere, they’ll think it’s ok to do the same. Children with good organizational skills do good in school all the way through college. Neatness takes practice and it can be learned as well as taught. Organization is a skill that can be learned young, but you have to be willing to be a bit strict yet fun, so they can learn. Here are some quick steps:

1. Clean up time!


Don’t you remember growing up with Barney when you were little? What did they always do towards the end of the show…Clean up time! Whenever my son is finished playing with his toys, he puts them back where they belong. He’s allowed to play with them, but begins learning that the more toys he dumps out, the more of a mess he’ll have to clean up later.Don’t break your back when your toddler is closer to the ground haha!

2. Let them help with dishes


If they are too small to get up and help you wash, teach them the importance of putting dishes away. My son is 3 and correctly organizes the silverware where it belongs! I remove all the knives then let him do the rest! I watch him during the process and when he’s finished, he’ll be rewarded with a treat or a sticker. He also helps me by putting all plastic cups and containers on the counter for me. His favorite part is closing the dishwasher door…Yes he does all this at 3! Children love helping out, especially when they are little. Keep them motivated on good organizational habits and you’ll be surprised! My step daughter can store dishes, put them away, and can wash them as well, she’s 9!

3. Laundry time is their time to help!


Direct them to neatly put their laundry away. My son (3) puts his underwear, socks, shorts, and shirts away in the correct drawers neatly. Although he can’t fold them yet, he neatly carries his piles to the places they belong and puts them away without a fuss! 3 Ladies and gentleman! Don’t do everything for your children all the time. If you do you’ll always have to be on top of the laundry and everything else.

4. Prepare a checklist for chores!


Whether it’s taking out the trash or doing the dishes, help them out by setting reminders. I write a list on a mini white board that then goes on the fridge and this helps tremendously with my 9 year old. She reads it, checks off what she does, and lets me know! It’s easy as that! I inspect to make sure things are done right, and when she’s finished, I let her do something fun! This checklist works great for little ones that are learning to read too!

5. Make it fun and be a role model!


Last of all and most important, make it fun! Put some music on and blast it up (not too loud)! Chore day doesn’t have to be a drag! You can even make it interesting by playing basketball with the dirty laundry. Shoot and score! To find less dirty clothes on the ground, teach your child how to put their clothes in the dirty hamper. Remember, you are your child’s biggest role model! The only way to start seeing changes is to make the changes in yourself. Start putting your plate away, clothes where they go, and organize yourself a bit more. You’ll be surprised at how much they want to copy you and will imitate your good organizational skills! That’s mainly what children do: they observe our neat habits, and copy them, it’s easy!


To wrap it up…

Teaching your child organizational skills is fun and becomes a long life healthy habit for them. Spend more time with your child teaching them the importance of being organized, and you’ll begin to shape a well organized child! Keep you’re head up parents, a little organization goes a loooong way!! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!!

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