Summer 2015: Awesome Summer Activities for the Whole Family!


It’s crazy to believe 6 years ago on a day like today I graduated high school class of 09! Here I am today with a family of 5 and summer is already here! It is officially the last day of school for the kiddies here in Florida yay! I know we definitely will be enjoying summer 2015: awesome summer activities for the whole family!


1. Theme parks!

Theme parks of course including water parks! It’s a great way for the entire family to have a splashing fun and wet time. If you’re really looking for a big splash try visiting SeaWorld with your family, those wales know how to give a great show!


2. Going to the fair

Any fairs opening up around you this summer? Grab the whole family and head down to the fair for cotton candy, games and unique prizes!


3. No water theme parks? Try the beach!

The sand, the salty ocean, and the sun shining on you, are making memories building sand castles, collecting seashells and dinner by the seaside! Those are only a FEW things you can do at the beach…there’s snorkeling, surf lessons, tours, and don’t forget the boardwalk.


4. Fishing, Camping

Have an outdoorsy family? Try getting out to a cozy cabin in the woods or sleeping right under the stars for an unforgettable camping trip! Nature life, trees, animals and all kinds of wild life await you and your family. Canoeing is also very fun and you can even do this by going to certain springs around your area.


5. Historic Adventures

Looking for a more laid back summer trip for your family? Try touring historic places in your town! For example, here in Florida there’s a beautiful place called St. Augustine that our family went to in the summer of 2013. It was so much fun and a trip to remember. Kids of all ages will enjoy this trip.


To wrap it up…

I hope I gave you a few cool ideas for the summer, at least things to open up more ideas for you! Have a great summer and please do write below of your fun family activities! Thank you and have a great summer 2015 from me, Linda!

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