Pregnancy Number Two And Raising Children!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like dealing with pregnancy number two and raising children? Why would I write about this now you ask? Because guess what?

Lindas Pregnant with baby number 2!!!



Yes everyone! I am currently 26 and a half weeks along, my partner and I are excitedly expecting a little boy! He’s ecstatic lol! If you’ve seen my other blogs, we both have children of our own, but this is our first baby together! It’s been an emotional roller coaster but we’re halfway there! There have been some things I did not expect being pregnant with baby number two while raising children…


1. Always tired


Yes!!! I was so exhausted and nauseous, just like I was with my first son. However, now it got harder for me because now I have the challenge of dealing with a 3 year old during my pregnancy! This was difficult because there we’re times that I was too exhausted to get up to even see him! On top of that I felt as if I would black out halfway down the hall. My poor son would ask me, “Mommy are you ok?” And I would start crying!!! Always lol. It got to the point that I had breakfast next to my bed side for when he got up, i’d give him a capri sun, and a bowl of cereal or a pop tart lol! It really did help until I could get on my feet to make him lunch!


2. Non stop crying


Just like I mentioned, my son would ask me if I was ok looking very worried, and I began to cry! Anything he would say to me would make me cry, everyone actually lol. He came up to me, rubbed my belly and said “I love my baby brother.” What was that for?? I started crying inconsolably and hugged him. My boyfriend and step daughter (9) had to come explain to him that mommies fine, just tired. It’s like everything moved me, music, words, thoughts anything. Even when my son would get up to go play in his room and leave me alone, I’d start crying again!!! RIDICULOUS!!Luckily since then I’ve calmed down, the crying is minimum to once or twice a week lol.


3. Cooking anything smelled horrible to me!


I used to be so happy making dinner for the kids and my boyfriend, until that day… I dropped the spoon and stepped away from the stove. My boyfriend looked at me and asked “are you alright babe?” I shook my head and went to lay down. He came to see me and I explained to him that I couldn’t tolerate to be in the kitchen cooking! I’m grateful he’s understanding. Lets just say for the first 4 months we spent many nights either eating takeout, baking frozen pizza’s, or eating my bf’s cooking (which taste great!) I love love love other people’s cooking, my own for some reason, doesn’t allure me in the pregnancy.


4. Mommy you farted!! lol


Yes, my son heard me slip quite a few. I’ve gotten to a point that, in front of him, I just let it go! He just looks up at me with a sly smile and quietly says, “You farted heheh”. I laughed so hard when I saw him say this with that sly expression (eyebrow lifted up), that it’s still funny to me today!


To wrap it up…

These were just a few of the things I had to deal with in the first four months of pregnancy. Since then I can get up in the morning, clean a little, i play with my son, and can even cook dinner (some nights)! I feel much better now. Of course the gas hasn’t stopped lol, but it’s ok! As long as I don’t accidentally slip one in front of my boyfriend again, i’ll be fine lol. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you and happy pregnancy to all of those expecting!

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