Natural Home Remedy for Diaper Rash!


Oh no! Is your babies bottom looking red and nothing seems to work? I’ve tried everything from A&D to petroleum jelly, airing out, but nothing worked for my little cf’er (cystic fibrosis) baby. Apparently diaper rashes are 10 times worse for babies with cystic fibrosis like my son. However, every time he came home from my mother in laws (mama dee’s) house, he came back diaper rash free! I asked what she did and the method was so simple, I couldn’t believe how cheap, natural and easy it was! This is the natural home remedy for diaper rash she gave me!





Yes, easy as that and cheap! I buy them at my local Walmart for a dollar a box (check for the store brand), trust me, it brings plenty!

Use it like you would baby powder. When you feel your baby get even a little wet, change the diaper and generously (but not too much), apply it all over, especially the inner thigh due to chaffing. Within 1-2 days, your babies diaper rash will be gone! All I use to clean him is water.

Also, it may be a good idea to quit using baby wipes for a while.

I use these cotton pads, like these. It’s the same kind you use to remove makeup! Also inexpensive costing about 2 dollars a package:)



I stopped using wipes after a visit to his allergist for his eczema. She said that even the natural wipes contain chemicals that cause reddening and actually cause diaper rashes to get worse.

Instead, I opted to get these! I use about 1-3 for pooped diapers, and 1 for peed diaper changes. If the pooped mess is insanely huge, I think a bath would be your best option.

Here are the 2 easy steps to have chemical free wipes:

1. Grab 5-10 of them and stick them in a zip lock bag.

2. Add water from the sink into the bag, just enough to let the pads absorb the water.

There you have it, that’s all I do!

The air out method works great for most babies, but not mine. You see, letting him air out didn’t work in my case because he would begin scratching at his bottom, even with mittens or socks on his hands! Worse! He would start doing the butt scoot dance on the carpet to scratch his butt!! That baby (the main feature heading is my little guy, almost 10 months now!)


To wrap it up…

If you see your babies rash worsening or not getting better, take the to their pediatrician for further evaluation. These are just basic home remedies that work 95% of the time. I hope I helped, keep those buns nice and un-red! If you have any questions, feel free to write or ask Linda below, thank you!

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