Musical Toddler? What’s Next?

Musical Toddler

Toddlers love music, and some even have a gift for it! Whether it’s singing or playing an instrument, if you hear familiar tunes of twinkle twinkle little star on the piano, encourage them and applaud! Not every three year old that can play twinkle twinkle little star on the piano without making a single mistake! Some either inherit the lucky gift of music from parents or a musical grandparent, and some just learn it on their own! If you’re little musical toddler has the heart for music, be there for them and encourage!

1. If they like it, encourage them to practice

Don’t correct them on whats wrong or right unless their hitting or banging the instrument (depends what it is is, its ok for little drummers). Try playing something for them (if you can play an instrument) and encourage lots of singing every day. You may hear your little hummingbird start to make up songs of their own and perform! My son loves the piano, he often asks me if he could play mine and I help him, we play together and its a great bond we build. He repeats what I sing or play, and he even learned (from me) to play twinkle twinkle little star while singing, he’s 3! Iv’e been playing the piano since I was 5 and writing my own songs at the age of 11.

(Don’t Believe Me Just Watch) lol. J/K here is a link to my music.

2. They want you to watch them preform!

Go watch them preform or sing their little hearts out. If they want to preform in front of you already, then your little musical toddler will be prepared to sing in front of everybody when the time comes to show of that talent!

3. YouTube videos!

I can’t stress how great YouTube tutorial videos are for your little one to see. Put on videos of people teaching them to play something, play it first so they can see. Do it as many times as you can while singing it, and then let them try it out! Show them step by step how to do it and within a couple days you may be shocked. Don’t pick something that’s too hard though, unless they are at a highly skilled playing level.

To wrap it up…

There’s so many ways to teach your musical toddler how to be a great musician. If you see they like it then motivate them! If you see they tend to hide and don’t want to partake in the musical fun, don’t force them. This will cause hatred towards certain music and activities in school. My son is 3 and he’s showed an interest in the piano and singing ever since he saw me playing when he was a baby. I used to lull him to sleep with soft music and singing. He first laid hands on my piano at 7 months old and surprised me when he copied three notes I played! He smiled and clapped, and that’s when I knew he would grow to like it, and boy was I right! He was singing and playing before he could talk!

Any questions or comments ask Linda Below, thank you!

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