Instant Banana Baby Food and Ice-cream in 4 Quick Easy Steps!


Banana fana fo fana, banana hahahaha! Anyone remember that childhood rhyme? Are you looking for quick ideas on what to do with your ripening bananas? I’ve got just the thing! Keep reading to see how to make instant banana baby food and ice-cream in 4 quick easy steps that the whole family will enjoy! You can even get the kids involved to help. Trust me; they will have lots of fun, even the older ones!


Bananas are enriched with potassium and are very nutritional and delicious. I personally love bananas and enjoy them sliced, frozen, whole, in corn flakes and more!


Items you’ll need:

1. Ripe bananas (not too ripe) preferably the ones with spots.

2. Sandwich zip lock bags (one for each banana)

3. Your hands!

That’s all you need, now let’s get to work!


Step 1

Peel the bananas!

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to demonstrate how to peel a banana for you lol. After you’ve done that, move on to step two!




Step 2

Place the bananas in your zip lock bag. Make sure you get as much air as you can out of the bag before zipping it. It makes the mashing process easier and prevents a loud pop and banana mess from occurring.




Step 3

Mash away (gently unless you want banana oozing out of the bag, the bag can pop like I mentioned above lol).




Step 4

With your hand, gently press all the banana to the bottom of the bag, like this, and roll it up like the image in step 1. That’s it!




Instant banana baby food could not be easier to achieve with these 4 quick easy steps! This is guaranteed to become a new favorite for your kids and family. I hope you enjoy! Bananas freeze pretty quickly so you can even empty the bag into a blender and make a shake using whatever milk you desire or even use your own recipe! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below thank you, enjoy your banana treats!

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