How To Stop Picky Eaters

How To Stop Picky Eaters

How To Stop Picky Eaters

As much as we try, some kids just don’t like a certain fruit or vegetable! It’s really easy to trick them into eating them (depends what it is). You have to teach them young, stop asking them what they want this creates a picky eater. If you yourself won’t eat vegetables or certain fruits, how can you blame your child for their picky eating? They are obviously copying someone…

Here are some tips on how to stop picky eaters.


1. Stop giving them choices unless they’re healthy ones

When it comes to picking out a snack, don’t hold up a bag of Cheetos and Doritos and ask them what they want! You’re showing them at a young age that they get a say in what they get to eat! Try instead offering two healthy snack like grapes or an apple. This will lead to better food choices and proper nutrition when they get older. If they are super picky and wont pick the fruits, don’t give them anything until they learn. You’re the adult and you know what’s right for them and their health.


2. Cut out your bad eating habits, at least in front of the child.

If they constantly see you stuffing down french fries, or craving a burger then what do you think they will want? What you want! Try instead saying “hmm, I think I’ll have some carrots with ranch.” Yeah, sounds different but keep doing this and you’ll see within a week or two that the cravings for fast food will be out the door.


3. No drinks during meals

This is one of the biggest things for me! If it’s breakfast or lunch, yes i’ll give them a small drink when they are halfway into the meal. But when it comes to DINNER time, NO DRINKS. This creates a full tummy and leaves out room for the nutritious(i hope) meal you made for them. If you keep giving into what they want, how do you expect them to take you serious? When they finish the meal give them an ice cold cup of water, chocolate milk, or a fruit smoothie!


4.Give rewards when proper food is eaten

If you see them begin to eat and finish all their food, give them a  round of applause and hey even a Popsicle!  Only do the Popsicle treat after a week of seeing the good habit of eating. If you don’t see the child eating anything after a week, this is normal. Keep trying and you will succeed, just put the dinner away, and give it to them for breakfast. Like in my other post 5 ways to deal with toddler tantrums, under rule number two, stand your ground.


5. If you don’t eat, no more snacks and treat outings

A whining toddler or child is the worst thing possible when they hear the words no. When they are denied what they want and act out, show them that acting out is not going to get them the snack. Tell them that when you start seeing their food disappear on a plate, maybe the snack will be rewarded. If you go out on the weekend for ice cream with the family, don’t take the child that didn’t eat, or if you do, they don’t get a treat. It’s harsh but they have to learn to do as you say. Remember, if you reward bad behavior and picky eating at a young age with snacks, what do you expect to have by the age of 10, a healthy eater? Haha, far from it I can tell you that much.


To wrap it up…


Children only copy what they see, you can’t blame them entirely for their unhealthy food choices. If you do ask these questions. What are you eating for dinner? What do you prefer fruit or snacks? If they see you constantly making bad choices, they will guiltily follow. Your child looks up to you, start making healthier choices or at least for their sake pretend you like something! You’ll be surprised that they will try it too. I don’t support a picky eater, when you come to my house, you eat what’s on the table, or go to bed with a glass of water hungry. I’m not saying they can’t have snacks, just try to promote good eating more, for you and your child’s future and health. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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