How To Handle Child Separation Anxiety

How To Handle Child Separation Anxiety

How To Handle Child Separation Anxiety

Mommy Daddy don’t leave me… 

Children are little and whether you’re dropping them off at school or simply going to the store you may hear the long wails begin when you’re hand reaches the door knob. You’re not a bad parent for leaving them, they have to learn to know you’ll be right back. I’ve seen separation issues get so bad that some moms can’t even go to the restroom without a little tot tagging along. Yep, it’s that bad, here’s some ways to deal with it, I never had separation issues with my son. He freely would go to his dads when time came to pick him up and without crying. Works great for ages 3-5.


How To Handle Child Separation Anxiety


1. Stop carrying them all the time

It’s cute to pick up a child but when you consistently do it, they are going to get even more attached to you. So when you here the pick me up screeches, simply say no. You’re the boss, not the child.


2. Make them more independent.

Stop letting them follow you around the house all the time, send them away at times to go play, or give them a small chore to do so they can get used to the idea of space from you.


3. Set up play dates

When the child has another child to play with, they start losing the idea that you are entertainment and makes separation seem more welcoming. Get them a playdate and send them to the backyard to play, sit in the porch watching them play and chat with the other parent and relax.


4. Give it a test run

Step outside of the door and act like you’re leaving (when someone else is home watching them indoors). Do this every day and instead of crying you’re eventually going to hear ” By mommy, see you later”!


5. Taking them to school

Taking a child to school is very stressful when they are very young and usually leads to huge separation anxiety. But most children within a week start making progress and they no longer cry when they see their mom leave through the daycare door to go to work.


To wrap it up…

Your child sees you as a protector and a shield from all evil. They confide in you and look up to you. But there comes a point when you just have to cut the umbilical cord! It’s sad and beautiful to watch them grow up but they are growing and no longer babies. If you wish to baby your child you may do so, but just think about that first day of daycare… Do you want to be the one with the child clinging to your leg begging you not to go? If not, by following my steps you’ll slowly start to see progress and will no longer have to deal with separation issues! Happy Parenting and remember, even though it’s going to hurt not picking them up and babying them, it will do good for both of you in the end. Any questions or comments please feel free to ask Linda!

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