How to Get Your Child to Behave


How do you get your stubborn child to behave you ask?

By showing them every day to say thank you and please before you give them something. My son thanks me for everything, and yes I mean EVERYTHING! Lol and it never gets annoying either I love it!

1. Stop Spoiling Them!

Do you really want a spoiled brat?


Don’t use reasons like, “well, they were acting up and yelling in the store and I calmed them down by buying them a toy. If they see you abiding to their needs, then they are going to behave however they want, because they know they’ll get what they want! Remember’ YOU’RE the Adult.

What do you think they’ll learn from that? They’ll learn, “hey if I act up mom or dad will buy me anything to keep me quiet”. haha think again.

2. Don’t baby them


Treat them like a mini adult (but not that literal) I mean the baby voices. They are children not infants. It’s not cute and will cause you’re child to mimic it in return. In some cases 5 year old’s end up speaking like they are 2 because of it. They are going to act the way you speak to them, A BABY lol. Also word of advice, if your child is too big for a stroller and they insist on riding in it, take a picture of them and show them how funny they look. This might change their mind.

3. Start teaching them responsibility

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My son and step daughter take their plates to the sink, throw away any trash they make, they clean up their toys and always says please and thank you. They are very responsible and help me every day. I always get the “I love you mommy” from my little one a million times a day. You can start showing them these things at age 2. Put the trash in their hand, lead them to the garbage, and teach them to throw it away by releasing it from their hand and tossing it in the bin. It will take a while or to but it works. My 2 year old nephew does it! Same rule applies for the dishes, and the toys. The rule is always the same, guide them and they will learn.

4. On good behavior, reward them

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Reward them with a day to the park, or their favorite pizza. Give them something that they will look forward to. You can look forward to the talking back age, yep, they will  try you. Acting up will get them nowhere, show them this by punishments like; Take away their favorite toys for a while in the day, put them high up where they can see them but can’t reach. When they ask for it back tell them “no (their name), you have to behave and EARN it back”. You will see a difference within a week or 2 of doing this.

5.  Beware of what you say, they will repeat-_-

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Cursing and swearing is a choice of our own. I KNOW that the majority of parents including me have sworn around their child at least once or a lot (oops). So don’t be surprised when you here the oh s— words drop. I heard it one day, he was playing with a toy and dropped it and that word escaped! I was like “oh my gosh, look at what he learned from me! I corrected him right away and told him to never say that again, he hasn’t till this day (he was about to be 3 years old). I realized, “there’s a little human being who looks up to me now, I have to watch my mouth”. Little ears and little mouths are very alert hahaha.

To wrap it up…

Raising a child is difficult but it’s also fun! There are ups and downs for every parent but the best thing to do is push forward and have patience. No one said it would be easy because it’s not! I admire all the parents out there raising healthy boys an girls both single and united parents, you’re doing a great job! Feel free to ask me any questions or comment, thank you!


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