Helpful Tips for a Fun and Safe Halloween


Hey everyone!! Are you ready for Halloween this year? People think Halloween is just for one day, technically it is, but why not have fun decorating and preparing for Halloween all month long?! Get in the Halloween spirit by watching family films like “The Adams Family” or “The nightmare before Christmas!” Here are some helpful tips for a fun and safe Halloween this year:


1. Get Decorating!


There are so many different things you can make for Halloween with simple items! Look at some images on the internet of different Halloween decorations to get ideas. We took inexpensive cobwebs and decorated it around the whole house adding spiders and other creepy effects, it was fun and looks awesome (pics coming soon)!

2. Find Costumes early


This is the one that got us last year. I had no idea what to dress my then 3 year old son (now 4). Thanks to my darling hubby he found the perfect costume for him. I loved it and he looked so cute, my little devil lol. My beautiful step daughter was a dead prom queen, I did her makeup:D

3. Find fun activities to do


Find things to do that will get you in the Halloween spirit! This is a picture from, “the haunted forest”, we went to last year after trick or treating. It was a lot of fun and there were many spooky and fun sites to see!

4. Plan Ahead!


Make sure you’re prepared for Halloween night with these things:

Flash light

Candy bag (pillowcase best ever!)

Comfortable outfit and comfortable shoes for walking

Be prepared for any fright! (take caution with young children)

The light rule: If the light is off, no candy! Stay away from those houses to not get discouraged when you read a letter on the door saying, “sorry kids, no candy”. This is what happens lol my little Devil was not happy:(886725_10202407383732228_165028230_o


To wrap it up…

Halloween is almost here everybody! Make sure you’re prepared with all the above on my list. You can even print this out if you want to have a fun safe Halloween! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, have a safe Halloween!

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